How to plan goals in Notion + organise your life 📆

Last Friday I talked about setting goals for the new year and how to actually achieve them. I gave five tips for achieving your goals and I talked about my own goals for 2021. I want to focus on tip number four: to break your goals up in smaller steps and to make a plan. Because how do you actually make a plan? Today I want to talk about how to plan goals in Notion and how to organise your life. Read more »

Spanish bank account & cake | Mi vida en España #9 🇪🇸

It’s been a while – a little over two weeks – since I posted one of these life updates. If you read my article about my 2021 goals and how to achieve them, you already know my plan: a new Mi Vida en España every Monday at 5 p.m. Let’s see if my life is exciting enough for that 😉 After two weeks of silence, there is enough to talk about today. From job opportunities to opening a Spanish bank account and from baking a cake to long walks. Read more »

2021 goals: how to achieve them and what’s on my list ✨

Today I want to talk about setting goals for the new year and how to make sure you will actually achieve them. Besides that, I will also share my own 2021 goals with you, in case you’re still looking for some inspiration. In my Goodbye 2020 entry I reflected on the past year, which for me wasn’t a good one. To set myself (and you!) up for success in 2021, I researched how to actually achieve your goals. In this article I share the best tips with you! Read more »

Monthly update no. 16 | Day Zero Project 🪐

– day zero project progress of month no. 16 – 

And we’re back with another Day Zero Project progress post, month number 16 this time. Winter and covid-19 aren’t exactly helping me to progress and during the holidays all you want to do is cuddle up in a blanket, right? I’ll stop making more excuses and just share whatever progress there was last month. If you’re interested in seeing the whole list, you can find my Day Zero Project 101 goals here. Read more »

Job interview in Galicia & NYE | Mi vida en España #8 🇪🇸

Happy new year! 🥂 I hope that – despite lockdowns and restrictions – you had a great New Year’s Eve with loved ones and that you got a fresh start into 2021. Okay, we’ve got the formalities out of the way. Let’s get into the real stuff: I had my first job interview in Galicia! Keep reading if you want to know how it went and how I spent my first New Year’s Eve in Spain. (And if you want to know all about the twelve grapes before midnight.) Read more »

Goodbye 2020 ✨

2020 sucked, let’s just tell it as it is. I don’t want to waste too many words talking about the coronavirus, because – like everyone – I’m tired of it. However, not mentioning it at all doesn’t do 2020 justice either. The pandemic pretty much ruined year, for some people more than for others. Also for me, 2020 definitely wasn’t my favourite year, although it can not just be blamed on the pandemic. Here’s my honest 2020 review: a lesser year with some silver linings. Read more »