Horoscope versus reality ep. 1 β™“

I have this weird attraction to horoscopes, where I like to read what it says and maybe even take something from there, yet I have a hard time believing in them. This inspired me to start horoscope versus reality, a little mix of astrology and journaling; let’s see if what the stars say aligns with my reality. Here’s ep. 1, April 1-12.

Source: I used the horoscope of Β the AstroTwins on www.astrostyle.com for this article. Read more Β»

Month no. 7 | Day Zero Project πŸͺ

– progress of month no. 7 –

You might think that staying at home isn’t good for the day zero project and while it is true that some goals become temporarily not achievable, there’s more time for working on other goals. Check out my whole list of goals here; there are plenty that can be done indoors!

16.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [7/33]
I embedded the playlist above with my three songs of March. When I heard the first song for the first time, which is in Swiss German, I missed Austria a lot. Even though there’s a difference between the dialect of Vorarlberg and Swiss, it brought back many memories. Read more Β»

⏩ Fast forward to now

All twelve months I spent in Austria are neatly documented on here, but by now we’re seven months further in time and it feels wrong to just jump into the current reality without anything about those seven months. Besides that, this current reality of working at home and corona quarantine leaves me with enough time to do so. Keep dancing, keep safe. Read more Β»

Bullet Journal Setup | April 2020 🎨

I guess April will be a month of dreaming of the waves, dancing in the living room and enjoying the sun from the balcony. Instead of being bored and frustrated, April can be a month of trying new things, reinforcing good habits, ticking the things off the to do list that have been on there too long and living more slowly. You know, be zen like the flying pig just floating in space. Read more Β»