May 2017: Liberation festival, Germany and a day in Amsterdam

I already love typing this monthly overview again! First of all, because may was a pretty fun month. Besides that it just has been so long since I last did this, so I’m feeling a little nostalgic. May was the month of Liberation festival, a weekend at my grandfather in Germany and a day trip to Amsterdam. Two birthdays, one visit to the cinema, multiple shorts and lots of sunshine. You’ll also read what happened to my goals for may and I’ll share some random favourites.

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A day in Amsterdam (+ mini city guide)

Saturday I spent the day in Amsterdam with my mom. For Mother’s Day I gave her a train ticket and told her she could choose where we’d go for a day. Amsterdam it was. We did a walking tour, went out for lunch, did some shopping to dodge the rain, ate cake in the 9 streets and enjoyed the otherwise lovely weather. Continue reading for more photographs and a mini city guide!

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A weekend in Antwerp (+ mini city guide)

Last weekend I was in Antwerp, for the second time in my life. Both times I’ve been surprised about the beauty of the historical center and the shrill contrast with the neighborhoods outside. In the city center you can enjoy the cozy terraces and the pretty facades. Outside you see a guy getting arrested hard-handed by the police and are the buildings a lot less charming. Last weekend I met up with three Erasmus friends halfway between the north of the Netherlands and Luxembourg, also know as Antwerp. I didn’t bring my camera for the weekend, so the pictures are from my first visit during a sunnier season. Keep reading for my favorite Antwerp pictures and ultimate tips.   Read more »