Monthly update no. 17 | Day Zero Project 🪐

– Day Zero Project update: progress of month no. 17 –

As I type this, I’m thinking “oh shit”. Because I’m already halfway through the project and there’s still so much left to do on my list of 101 goals. Of course the pandemic hasn’t helped with the more adventurous goals, but shouldn’t I have already completed more of the indoors goals? Perhaps I will not complete all the goals at the end of the project, perhaps I will. Either way, I’m happy about the ones that I’m completing and working on! Here’s my Day Zero Project monthly update, number 17. Read more »

Language learning in Notion: how I keep all my notes

Last Friday I talked about how to learn a language without going to classes. I told you my seven best tips from personal experience for language learning by yourself. Learning a new language can be overwhelming, so it’s important to keep organised. I use Notion to keep all my Spanish notes in one place. Today I will show you how practical language learning in Notion can be. Read more »

I’m a freelancer & Koala Lumpur | Mi vida en España #11 🇪🇸

If you have been reading Mi Vida en España for a while, you already know that I was trying to register myself as a freelancer. Which was not easy. But finally I can proudly say: I’m a freelancer! How I did it? I may or may not have hired some help. Other than that, I started working on the Koala Lumpur project again and I made a video-call with my volunteering friends from Austria. Read more »

How to learn a language without going to classes 💡

Would you like to learn a language, but are you not able to go to classes? Today I share all my tips for learning a language without going to classes with you. Going to classes is a great way to learn, but it’s not always possible to do so. Maybe you don’t have the money for it, maybe there are no classes offered in your area or maybe it’s the pandemic’s fault. If for whatever reason you wan’t to learn a new language without going to actual classes, this post is for you.

Read more »

Freelance registration in Spain | Mi vida en España #10 🇪🇸

This week in Mi Vida en España: the process of my freelance registration in Spain and the most beautiful sunset. I particularly enjoyed the beautiful sunset last weekend, because on Monday it started to rain. And then it rained more. Almost all week long. That’s super fun when you have to go outside to do things, like registering yourself as a freelancer. Read more »