Mi vida en España #3 🇪🇸 | first emigration to Galicia vlog!

Today in the ‘Mi Vida en España’ series: my first emigration to Galicia vlog! When the weather is good, I like to explore the area and enjoy the nature. This first emigration vlog captured exactly that, footage of the nature around.

Creating a video is something  that I’ve wanted to do for so long! It’s even on my Day Zero Project list of goals. I had a lot of fun shooting these clips and editing them together. I want to learn working with Adobe Premiere Pro and this is a very fun way to do so. In only one day, I already learned so many new things. 

What do you think of this short emigration to Galicia vlog? Should I make more?

Mi vida en España #2 🇪🇸 | Little adventures & sunshine

I’m already here for more than a week! It’s crazy how time flies and how at the same time I feel like I’ve been here for much longer. During the first week of mi vida en España, the weather was very kind to me. Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures! This could only mean one thing: a lot of exploring and little adventures. Read more »

Mi vida en España #1 🇪🇸 | A tale of airports

Let’s continue where I left off last time, shall we? I wrote about the first hurdles of moving abroad during a pandemic, that were mostly because of family circumstances and a little bit because of rescheduled flights. Almost two weeks later than planned, on the lucky day Friday the 13th, I could finally travel (and move) to Spain. It was a very long day, but I was beyond excited to finally be reunited with my boyfriend. Read more »

Monthly update no. 14 | Day Zero Project 🪐

– day zero project progress of month no. 14 –
Lately I felt like I was a bit stuck with the Day Zero Project, because there aren’t so many things you can do outdoors during this pandemic. I decided to update my list of goals, because of some major life changes coming up, and now I feel more optimistic about continuing with the project! If you’re interested in seeing the whole list, you can find my Day Zero Project 101 goals here. Read more »

Moving abroad during the pandemic: the first hurdles 🇪🇸

“In exactly 13 days I’ll arrive in Santiago de Compostela, in my new home country Spain. That is, if covid-19 allows me to do so.” That’s what I wrote in my last entry about emigrating to Spain and guess what? I’m still in the Netherlands. As much as I would like to blame covid-19, it’s not the virus that made moving during the pandemic difficult. Due to family circumstances I had to postpone my flight until Friday the 13th (should I be worried?) and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll go smoothly. I’m slightly concerned, because my original flight also got changed to an overnight fight by the airline before I moved it to the 13th. There’s nothing I can do besides waiting patiently, but unfortunately that’s not my strong suit. Read more »