Hiking day ⸙ Posbank, Veluwezoom National Park

I gave my dad a train ticket for Father’s Day and we would go where ever he wanted to. We (well, he) decided to go hiking in Veluwezoom National Park, in the middle of the Netherlands. We got out of the train in a place called Dieren (which is Dutch for animals) and we immediately encountered a cat. Coincidence? I don’t think so 😉

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My goals for July 2017

Hello July. July means that the first half of 2017 is over, which went by crazy fast. Luckily my favorite half of the year is still to come: the summer holiday and my favorite season autumn. In my monthly overview I already shared how I did on my goals for June, that I (sort of) did all five of them. Today I’ve got five new goals for the new month. Also, don’t these drawings in the pictures make you really hungry for tropical fruits? I’ve been craving watermelon and pineapple for about an hour now.

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June 2017: petting zoo, a day in Zwolle and Adam Barnes concert

Typing this monthly overview for the second time almost makes it feel like I’m officially back in blogland. I mean, two months with a new post every once in a while is not bad. Especially with the summer holiday (sort of) coming up, it’s time for blogging! I’m typing this overview without my calendar anywhere close, so bear with me. June was the month of cuddling with goats at the petting zoo, visiting Zwolle for a day + going to a birthday party there and visiting the museum here in Groningen. Also, I started running, spent some time outside and practiced Spanish with Duolingo. Continue reading for the full overview, what happened to my goals for June and some random favourites.

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A day in Zwolle (+ mini city guide)

I’ve passed through Zwolle at least a hundred times in my life. The only thing of the city I used to see was the Koperen Toren, a tower on the highway. I find that building particularly ugly, so I always believed that Zwolle was ugly as well. When I first visited two years ago I turned out to be so wrong: the city center is very pretty! Last weekend I went to a birthday party near Zwolle, so I decided to spend part of the day in the city. Besides an unexpected half marathon that made it nearly impossible to get back to the train station it was a lovely afternoon. Continue reading for more photographs, an overview of my day and some tips. Read more »

May 2017: Liberation festival, Germany and a day in Amsterdam

I already love typing this monthly overview again! First of all, because may was a pretty fun month. Besides that it just has been so long since I last did this, so I’m feeling a little nostalgic. May was the month of Liberation festival, a weekend at my grandfather in Germany and a day trip to Amsterdam. Two birthdays, one visit to the cinema, multiple shorts and lots of sunshine. You’ll also read what happened to my goals for may and I’ll share some random favourites.

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