What to do on Borkum for a day: 7 tips & photo impressions

Recently I spent a day on Borkum, a beautiful German island in the North Sea. We picked a day with fantastic weather (so fantastic that I left as red as a tomato). I would definitely recommend a visit if you have the chance! Today I’ll share seven tips for what to do on Borkum, based on how I spent my day there. Are you ready for a virtual visit to this idyllic island? Read more Β»

One day on Schiermonnikoog
that felt like an entire vacation 🐚

Do you ever have those days that feel like an entire vacation when in reality they only last a few hours? That’s exactly how I felt when we went to Schiermonnikoog a few weeks ago. It was one of the last beautiful summer weekends, we got up very early and were on the first boat to the island. It was my boyfriend’s birthday and my parents invited us on this little trip; I was already super excited about it for days, because I hadn’t been on one of the Dutch islands in years. Read more Β»

Summer holidays in Galicia, part 2 β˜€οΈ
Santiago de Compostela

In my ‘summer holidays in Galicia’ post, I already mentioned there would be a separate one for the four days I spent alone in Santiago de Compostela. And here it is! My boyfriend had a meeting of multiple days and because of covid, I wasn’t allowed to stay with him in his accommodation. Instead of staying with his family by myself, I decided to book a hostel in Santiago de Compostela and explore the city and area by myself. Read more Β»

Summer holidays in Galicia β˜€οΈ
Exploring beautiful places

After weeks of doubting whether it was a good idea in light of covid, we finally got on the plane to Spain on the 17th of August. We changed our flight to avoid travelling through the more risky area of Barcelona. We traded four days in Spain for the comfort of a direct flight and a weekend on a dirty boat in Amsterdam. Not so bad, and we still had two lovely weeks at the coast. I’ll take you along on the adventure, except for the four days I spent in Santiago de Compostela – they’ll be in a next post. Read more Β»

A weekend on a dirty boat in Amsterdam 🚒

And breathe… That’s exactly what my boyfriend and I thought when we arrived on the ‘dirty boat’ in Amsterdam. The entrance door was wide open, there was no employee to be spotted and our keys were laying at the bar. At this point we were still excited about the boat and the room, which quickly changed when we actually entered the room. Not only was it hotter than a sauna, it also seemed like nobody had bothered to vacuum clean in the last month. We went for a walk, both slightly disturbed by our room on the boat. “Do you think there will be an employee once we return to talk to?” Spoiler: no there wasn’t. “Do you think we can find a vacuum cleaner?” Spoiler: no we couldn’t. Once we returned from our walk, we cleaned the room as well as we could by getting a little creative with lots of toilet paper, water and hand soap. Now it was okay, the room was okay. Read more Β»

A trip to Galicia 🌍

I spent the last week of October, just before starting the new job, in Galicia. It was the first time that I went there with my boyfriend and it was the first time I met his family and friends. Before going, we spent a day in Eindhoven at the Dutch Design week and we returned in Bremen, where we also spent a day exploring. This time there’ll be less stories; the photos can tell the story. Read more Β»