Summer holidays in Galicia ☀️
Exploring beautiful places

After weeks of doubting whether it was a good idea in light of covid, we finally got on the plane to Spain on the 17th of August. We changed our flight to avoid travelling through the more risky area of Barcelona. We traded four days in Spain for the comfort of a direct flight and a weekend on a dirty boat in Amsterdam. Not so bad, and we still had two lovely weeks at the coast. I’ll take you along on the adventure, except for the four days I spent in Santiago de Compostela – they’ll be in a next post.

– 20th of august, thursday – 
We already had some time in Galicia behind us. After the flight, some hot water issues, spending time with family and lots of rain, we finally had a beautifully sunny day. I could’t wait to leave the house and I was very excited about the long walk along the beach that my boyfriend took me on. He first took me to a small palace, where we carefully opened the gate and just walked into the gardens, around the palace, glancing inside through the windows. Feeling like we weren’t supposed to be there, we continued our walk to the beach. Via the wooden pathways built along the beach, we reached beautiful views over the ocean and somewhat hidden viewpoints. Finally, I started to feel that happy summer holiday feeling inside me.

– 21st of august, friday – 
We went out on a mission to find an old bridge over Río Pedras, which after a long walk, we found. I don’t think it was the exact one we were looking for, but it did the job. Then we got a bit lost and discovered a small path leading to an hórreo, so we decided to follow it. Little did we know it would lead us to a beautiful path along the river, all covered by trees. Ultimately the path could have led us to the natural springs, but it was too close to being dark to follow it all the way. After this little adventure, we went back to being a little lost and navigated our way back home with our best friend Google Maps.

– 26th of august, wednesday – 
During my stay in Santiago de Compostela (more on that next time) I also took a day to go to Ourense by train. It started off great, having to sit very close to people in the train. A mentally disabled woman first warned us that we were not allowed to eat anything and had to keep the mask on at all times, but during the ride she started to pull it down to clean her nose at least five times in thirty minutes. Once I arrived, I learned the street signs that should lead you to the centre of Ourense only appear sporadically and I got lost somewhere in a less nice part of the city. It was 34 degrees and people didn’t care for wearing their masks much. When I finally found the city centre, I could see it has some beautiful buildings, but I was simply too warm to properly enjoy it. On my way back, I managed to get into the wrong train, which only became clear to me when the ticket scanner made a loud error noise as I was being checked. Luckily I didn’t go in the the wrong direction, however I managed to take a train that took three times as long as the one I was supposed to be in. I was very hangry and happy to see my beloved Santiago again.

– 28th of august, friday – 
Another day, another train. Much smoother though, I was in the correct one this time. My boyfriend and I went to Pontevedra for the day, both to see the city and take care of some paperwork. Right as we got out of the train, we ran into a friend of him, who had to do the same paperwork. While they took care of their paperwork in the government building, I just wanted to use the bathroom, but they refused me unless I would show my passport and officially register myself. I decided this was too much effort to pee, but after some debate between some employees I was escorted to the toilet anyway. We went for a drink with the friend and just after he left, my boyfriend’s sister got to Pontevedra. We bought empanadas for lunch and ate in a park with sculptures, which we walked by and looked at after the food (again, I was hangry). We walked a lot around the city this day, had an ice cream, enjoyed the weather. I didn’t take any pictures, except for the one of the mosaic you see above in the middle.

– 29th of august, saturday – 
We went out for a long walk along the beach in the early evening, watching the sun slowly set. I love long walks on the beach and when the light is this beautiful, I love it even more. My boyfriend casually pointed out the areas where the narcos live and I jumped from rock to rock on the beach. We ended up in a fishermen’s bar, where we had two Radler and chips for only €2,80. I’m still amazed by that. When we exited the bar, it was already dark out and we walked back along the road.

– 30th of august, sunday – 
It was our last real day in Galicia, before flying back the next day. We spent our afternoon wisely by visiting Castro de Baroña. You can still clearly see the structure of the castros that are over 2000 years old and by climbing up the rock a bit, you have a beautiful view over the ocean on one side and the castros on the other side. The weather was perfect and it was such a beautiful place, the perfect way to end our holidays. 

– 31st of august, monday – 
We said goodbye and flew back to the Netherlands. Hooray for the ten days of quarantine that were coming up. 

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