Summer holidays in Galicia, part 2 ☀️
Santiago de Compostela

In my ‘summer holidays in Galicia’ post, I already mentioned there would be a separate one for the four days I spent alone in Santiago de Compostela. And here it is! My boyfriend had a meeting of multiple days and because of covid, I wasn’t allowed to stay with him in his accommodation. Instead of staying with his family by myself, I decided to book a hostel in Santiago de Compostela and explore the city and area by myself.

– 23rd of august, sunday –
In the afternoon my boyfriend and I both went to Santiago, as we were both staying there in different parts of the city. First we took me to the hostel, where I checked in my luggage. Unfortunately the kitchen and common areas were closed for covid safety reasons, but the room I had was really nice and clean. It had a big window that I could open and its own sink. (I stayed in the Albergue Seminario Menor for only €15 per night, in case you’re wondering.) Afterwards, we dropped off my boyfriend’s luggage and went on a walk in the city. His meeting started in the evening, so I walked around some more by myself and just chilled in in my hostel room for the rest of the night.

– 24th of august, monday –
I decided to go out of the city, to avoid being around too many people. I hiked up Monte Pedroso, from where I had an amazing view, seeing the city in the distance. The walk to there was amazing; I barely saw anyone as soon as I left the city and the temperature was great for walking. It took me about one and a half hours to reach the top (including the time for all the photos I took) and a little bit less to get back down. On my way back to the hostel I bought some food and I just sat down for a while after all the walking. In the afternoon I went out for a coffee. There’s something about reading a book by yourself on a terrace while having a coffee that I really enjoy. Afterwards I saw in the news that Spain had been changed to code orange, which meant having to quarantine for ten days after returning. A bit annoying, but not a disaster of course. Then I went to see my boyfriend in the evening.

– 25th of august, tuesday –
I secretly stayed the night in his hostel, but it was a bad decision: sleeping in the small bed turned out to be a bigger challenge than I expected. In the morning I returned ‘home’ to my own hostel and took a nap. I took it easy during the day: going out for a coffee, reading, eating something nice, exploring the streets of Santiago. In the evening my boyfriend had some free time, so we went out for a beer and it was very nice. 

– 27th of august, thursday –
On Wednesday, I exchanged Santiago for Ourense and you could already read all about this failed excursion in my last holiday blog entry. Thursday was the last day in Santiago, so in the morning I checked out of the hostel and walked around a lot. I came back to a coffee place that I liked, read some more and waited until my boyfriend finished the meetings. We ate a burger in the center and then a friend could drive us back home. 

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