One day on Schiermonnikoog
that felt like an entire vacation 🐚

Do you ever have those days that feel like an entire vacation when in reality they only last a few hours? That’s exactly how I felt when we went to Schiermonnikoog a few weeks ago. It was one of the last beautiful summer weekends, we got up very early and were on the first boat to the island. It was my boyfriend’s birthday and my parents invited us on this little trip; I was already super excited about it for days, because I hadn’t been on one of the Dutch islands in years.

Our first stop was the beach. It was still early, the wind was strong and there weren’t many people at all. White sand as far as the eye can see with only a small group of yoga enthusiasts, a few people walking and and an equal amount of happy dogs on there. You can walk many meters through the sand before reaching the water, and then we walked many meters more along the sea. We slowly headed for the dunes, made a small stop to eat birthday cakes while looking at the water and then continued our journey towards the village.

Just before reaching the village, we encountered a very relaxed rabbit, just laying in the grass minding his own business. I loved how there weren’t any cars driving around on the island, it really felt like going back in time and being in a completely different world when in reality I was less than two hours from my home. We walked around the village, recognized some places from distant memories and went to have lunch in the sun. Where it was fresh and windy on the beach, it was hot and sunny on the terrace. Perfect weather for a beer and fries.

Afterwards, we took a touristic route to theΒ Berkenplas. Not because we wanted a longer walk in between the trees, but because we missed one of the analogue signs and then Google maps screwed us over as well. Nonetheless we arrived safely at the small lake on the island. Within the small lake there was another small island (an island on an island!). You could reach it by using a raft, pulling yourself towards the island with a rope. Of course I was very excited about this and – surprisingly – so were my companions. There we were, four adults, on this tiny raft and we were trying to pull ourselves towards the island. With too much enthusiasm it turns out, because within no time all of us had some water in our shoes. I was the most unlucky one, as I was wearing Converse made of fabric and my socks were completely soaked. I tried to undo the damage by taking off my shoes and drying them while I was laying in a hammock, but it didn’t do any good. All it did was attract violent mosquitoes and other insects that caused damage lasting far longer than the wet socks.

Then we were left with just two options: eat an ice cream and wait for the boat for three long hours or go without eating ice cream. Even though we all love ice cream, we decided to take to boat back to the main land and end this lovelyΒ  day that felt like an entire vacation.Β 

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