I’m officially a freelancer! | Life in Spain #8 🇪🇸

If you have been reading Life in Spain for a while, you already know that I was trying to register myself as a freelancer. Which was not easy. But finally I can proudly say: I’m a freelancer! How I did it? I may or may not have hired some help.

I’m a freelancer!

I still cannot believe that the process is done, which is probably why I keep saying “I’m a freelancer” out loud in surprise. Last week you could already read my freelance registration part one and – of course – also this week it wasn’t without troubles.

Always missing papers

On Monday we had an appointment with the Seguridad Social, which supposedly was the last step in the process. Supposedly… Because once we arrived there, they told us that I didn’t have all the papers that I needed. This meant we had to go back to the police station in Ribeira, to somehow get this paper they forgot to give me. They told us we were missing more things, but literally every person we talked to or called said something different.

I was beyond annoyed when we left the Seguridad Social. It seemed like nobody could give us proper information and it would take forever. In all my desperation I said “let’s hire a gestor“. In the beginning I didn’t want to spend money on a gestor to help me, because I thought it should be possible to do it by myself. Oh well, we saw how that went.

Gestor = angel

I’m so happy that we hired him! He helped us right away, when we came in without an appointment. Of course, also in the Hacienda they forgot to gave me a paper, but he said he would take care of everything. He copied some of my papers, got to work and the next day everything was done. He even already organised my health insurance for me, what an angel.

The only thing I had to do was a digital certificate, so he could do my registration online. He told me that because of corona, I had to go into the office alone. Slightly nervous – because what if I wouldn’t understand the Spanish? – I went in. The guy was nice, didn’t say or ask too much and started. Of course there were a few more issues: my surname was wrong in the system, a number was wrong, the computer program gave an error… But: after I enjoyed the office ocean view for twenty minutes and he worked, it was done! 

Today, as you’re reading this, it’s my first day as a freelancer. Yes!

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