Becoming a freelancer | Life in Spain #7 🇪🇸

This week in Life in Spain: the process of my freelance registration in Spain. Last weekend, I enjoyed a beautiful sunset, but on Monday it started to rain. And then it rained more. Almost all week long. That’s super fun when you have to go outside to do things, like registering yourself as a freelancer.

Freelance registration in Spain

In my last update, I already mentioned that there might be some job opportunities coming up for me. For this opportunity, I need to register myself as a freelancer here in Spain. But where to start? I turns out it isn’t all that easy to register yourself as a freelancer without hiring a person who does it for you. I already did some research online, so I had a basic idea of what I needed to bring/do.

The phone calls

We (and by we, I mean my boyfriend) called to the Hacienda, the place where you should be able to register yourself. We called because we had problems to make me an appointment online, it just didn’t work with my identification number. Person number one picked up the phone and didn’t want to give us an appointment. She told us we should hire someone. Great, that’s really helpful when you don’t want to hire someone.

Person number two – when we called the national number – informed us about the forms that I had to bring. She also said that my boyfriend should make the appointment with his identification number, because this way it would work. Okay, we did that. Then we tried to fill in these forms, which was pretty hard.

So we called again. Person number three was very surprised and told us we didn’t need any of these forms. Then my boyfriend asked her to clarify something and she just hung up the phone. What? I was amazed by the rudeness and the lack of information.

We called again, person number four picked up. Finally, a kind a knowledgeable angel. She explained everything we had to do and which forms we should bring with us. We were thankful and started with the paperwork. What do you think? I couldn’t print or save one of the forms in any way, because there was an inexplicable error every time.

A visit to the Hacienda

There we went, with one paper filled in and the other one missing. We were hoping for a nice person who was willing to help us and we got lucky! There was a lovely woman who helped us with everything. She filled in the form that I needed, found an error in the system that caused the problem and fixed this for us as well. Then she informed us about the next step in the process, for which I have the appointment today. Let’s see if I can finalize my registration…

Hola, bus?

After a successful start of the trip to Ribeira, things became more sad. We sat down at the bus stop and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Hola, bus? But no bus came. After almost an hour of waiting we (and by we, I mean my boyfriend) called the bus company who informed us that a bus should arrive in two minutes. We waited. And waited. And then twenty minutes later the damn bus finally arrived. I was very hangry, but happy we could finally return.

To end on a positive and beautiful note: here’s the sunset of last weekend. When the sun started to set, the sky turned into the most beautiful colours. We walked to a quite place from where you can watch the ocean perfectly. 

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