Pee on the sofa | Life in Spain #4 🇪🇸

There are some cultural differences that you notice immediately when you move to a new place. Here in Spain, I immediately realised that people have different relationships with dogs than in the Netherlands. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve been scared by a loudly barking dog when I was just walking calmly along the road. They run to the fence as if their life depends on it and it scares the shit out of me. Besides that, they poop everywhere and owners don’t feel the responsibility to clean up after their dog. Last weekend I had my first up close experience with Spanish dogs and let me tell you… it was incredible and incredible isn’t always a positive word.


You know, when you move to a new place, it’s important to socialize. My boyfriend and I went to visit one of his friends, who moved to a new place. The noise started as we entered the place – two dogs started to jump on us and barked loudly. At this point I thought it was cute. Especially the one that was clearly still a puppy, with all his enthusiasm.

We went in, we sat down on the sofa and our host was grabbing some drinks. The dogs went crazy; jumping on the sofa, off the sofa and on the sofa again. Running from one side to the other, over the laps of my boyfriend and me. My boyfriend isn’t a big pet person, so he was basically saying “no, no, oh no” all the time. I had a lot of fun, his discomfort was pretty hilarious.


Then the puppy sat down next to me. How cute is that? I started petting him and he seemed very content. My heart was melting. Then he got up and started to run around the room. Again, my boyfriend started to say “oh no“. I looked next to me and saw what he meant. Clearly, the puppy peed on the sofa, right next to were I was sitting. We went to the kitchen and informed the friend about the incident. He just said “oh, not again” and sprayed half a bottle of a cleaning product on there. Afterwards, he sat down right where the dog had peed only minutes before.

More pee

Believe it or not, this happened two more times. The second time, the little buddy sat down in the hallway and urinated on the floor. The third time, we were in the place of the friend’s parents, where there was a third dog. All three were running around like crazy, barking louder and louder. Then the puppy went into the kitchen, came back after a minute to continue barking and running. And what was there on the kitchen floor? Exactly, a small puddle of dog pee. 

I was amazed by it all, but in the end I mostly was thankful that the tiny animal didn’t pee when he was on my lap.

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