The city hall and the NIE-number | Life in Spain #3 πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

It’s been a while since I gave a proper life update. In Life in Spain #2 I told you that my goal was to beat Ryan on Duolingo and that I’d keep you updated on this. All of a sudden it was not only Ryan; in the middle of the week Elisabeth appeared out of nowhere. No idea where she came from, but she was very motivated too. It took a lot of Duolingo-time, but… I did it. In the end of the week I was in first place of the Diamond League!Β 

Okay, so now we have got that out of the way, we can get into the realΒ updates. I registered myself in the city hall and I applied for a NIE-number.

Registering at the city hall

We came prepared: we had the paper we needed to fill out and I had my passport. The heater was on fire (not literally), I was sweating and Christmas had clearly arrived in the office. The first problem appeared soon, in the form of an angry computer program. But no panic, there’s still the old-fashioned way of doing the paperwork on actual paper. Is this your surname? Where’s the place of birth? It took a while, but she managed to figure out my outlandish passport after lots of sighing and mumbling. All we needed was a confirmation of the grumpy computer program, which seemed to be impossible. She sighed and mumbled more and told me to return the next day.

Friday morning, there I was again. The computer program was in a more friendly mood and my confirmation was ready. I guess I caused this woman the biggest challenge of her day, week or month. Maybe even the year? But yay, I’m an official citizen of the town now!

Getting a NIE-number

With my newly acquired paper, I went to the police station in a nearby town. Time to get my NIE-number. According to the website, I had to bring many papers and of course I came prepared. A copy of my passport, my actual passport, two online forms printed, a confirmation of my health insurance and the confirmation from the city hall. I had them all. A friendly man helped us and typed some information into the computer after seeing my passport. He took a quick look at one of my online forms and gave me the rest back without even looking at it. So why exactly did I have to print all of these papers? Anyway, all I had left to do was to pay. Not so hard you’d say. Usually people like receiving money, no? Well…

I went to the bank with my forms, because I couldn’t pay at the police station. I filled out my passport number on the form where you should normally put your NIE-number. But when you pay to get a NIE-number you don’t have it yet, so how can you put it on the form? I’m afraid I also caused the bank employee his hardest moment of the week. After he called with three different people for at least ten minutes, I was finally able to pay the nine euros and sixty four cents. We went back to the police station, handed in the confirmation and tadaaaa… I have my own NIE-number.

Check, paperwork done! Happy (and silly) girl in nature πŸ™‚

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