Little adventures & sunshine | Life in Spain #2 🇪🇸

I’m already here for more than a week! It’s crazy how time flies and how at the same time I feel like I’ve been here for much longer. During the first week of mi vida en España, the weather was very kind to me. Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures! This could only mean one thing: a lot of exploring and little adventures.

Did you miss the first entry in my Mi Vida en España series? I wrote A Tale of Airports, about my trip to Galicia.

Beating Ryan

How I’m mainly spending my week? I try to practice as much Spanish as possible. Duolingo is my best friend and I’m very competitive, because I want to beat Ryan. I have no idea who Ryan is, but I do know that he’s a very enthusiastic user of the app. My week’s goal is to beat him in the Diamond League, but it’s not an easy task. (To be continued…)

At the beginning of the week I washed my mask, because in Spain they are mandatory as soon as you leave the house. We ran some errands and went for a walk at the beach. Look at that beautiful sunshine!

Wet socks

Do you think the water of the ocean is warm? Exactly my question, so I decided to find out. I closely looked at the waves, seeing how far they come to the shore. I reached down, touched the water and concluded that it wasn’t very cold. The next thing I feel is a wave washing over my feet. On my not-so-waterproof Converse. My silliness made me laugh and I found a spot on the rocks to take off my shoes. My feet were drying a little bit while I watched the sun slowly set.

I mean, look at those colours! Isn’t the light absolutely beautiful?

Hidden beach

A new day, a new walk. I remembered coming to a hidden beach in summer, so I decided to find it again. The temperature outside was super nice and the sun was already setting. My tip for walks alone? I put my headphones in and start listening to a podcast. Because of the podcasts, I usually feel like I have company. I just looked over the waves for a while, the sky colouring more and more red. I love listening to the waves, such a peaceful sound.

Piscinas naturales

Lastly, I went for a longer hike on the weekend. I walked for an hour along the river, so I could see the piscinas naturales. In other words, the natural springs in the river in which you can swim. It was not warm enough for it, but I’d love to come back in summer for a swim. In total there are six natural springs and today I saw three of them. So I definitely need to come back to see the other ones, as well as the roman bridge that’s close.

I feel very lucky that the weather was so great this week. It was the perfect start to this adventure, because it gave me the chance to explore the area a bit. When it’s raining next week, I can practice more Spanish and try to apply for some jobs here. And of course, I’ll let you know whether or not I manage to beat Ryan!

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  1. Prachtig daar! Zeker bij dat riviertje. Geen straf om in die omgeving kerst te vieren 😉

  2. Mooie plaatjes zijn het. Veel plezier toegewenst in Spanje 🇪🇸☀️

  3. O wat ziet het er mooi uit daar!!! Je kunt er zeker je batterij weer opladen denk ik.

  4. Wat een waanzinnige start van dit avontuur zeg, volgens mij kan het niet mooier beginnen. En, houd je ons op de hoogte hoe ver je komt met het verslaan van Ryan? 😉

  5. Schitterende foto’s en filmpjes. Ik zou er het liefst meteen naartoe willen!

  6. Wat een prachtige foto’s en filmpjes. Ik verlang echt naar vakantie! 🙂

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