May 2019
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 9 🇦🇹

– 1st of may, wednesday –
The first of May is a holiday in Austria, which meant a day off work for me. I needed a calm day, to disconnect and to think. I took the train to Hohenems, where I went hiking to the ruins of an 11th century castle. I turned off my mobile phone and just walked around outside, taking breaks writing in my journal. In the evening, I went to a concert of Eagle-Eye Cherry with two friends, which was really nice.

– 2nd and 3rd of may, thursday and friday –
The representatives of the Dutch delegation for the Gymnaestrada came to Dornbirn on these two days, so my colleague and I showed them everything they wanted to see and tried to answer all questions, also including a dinner together in the evening.

– 4th of may, saturday-
I went to the Kunsthaus (art museum) in Bregenz with a friend. The exhibition itself wasn’t that great for me, but it inspired some interesting conversations. Afterwards, we met another friend for a drink and it was a really nice day.

– 12th of may, sunday-
I’m not exactly sure what happened in this week, as I documented almost nothing in my journal. I know it wasn’t a nice week, because I was struggling at work to make clear that I’m a volunteer and not an employee. I didn’t feel like my attempts to explain this were working and I felt very down about it all week. I’m pretty sure I went to the Milka factory on the Saturday, which was incredibly disappointing, and I do know that I killed the plant my lovely roommates got me for my birthday.

– 17th to 19th of may, friday to sunday-
On Friday morning, I took a very early train at six, so at one I could hug my boyfriend lots at the Vienna train station. We went for a long walk and in the evening we met with a friend of mine who lives in Vienna, that was hosting us for the weekend. We went to the birthday party of another friend that lives in Vienna and it was a nice evening. On Saturday we had breakfast with my friend, spent some time walking around in Vienna together. My boyfriend and I then went to Schloss Schönbrunn, exploring the palace from the inside and enjoying the view from the gardens. We cooked together with my friend and her roommate in the evening, having a lazy night at home afterwards. On Sunday we made them breakfast and afterwards we left, to have the last time of the weekend to ourselves. Saying goodbye was very difficult.

– 25th of may, saturday-
After a difficult week – I felt sad and I got a bit ill too – my parents arrived to Dornbirn on Saturday to visit me for a week. We went out for dinner together.

– 26th of may, sunday-
I took my parents hiking to Hohenems, where I was earlier in the month, because I knew it was a relatively easy and short hike. It was nice and I think they enjoyed the nature and walk. We ate out in the evening, just like some other evenings that were coming up.

– 30th of may, thursday-
Since my parents came by car, it was a perfect opportunity to go to Switzerland. We drove to St. Gallen, which I thought was absolutely amazing, I loved that place a lot. The weather was great and we walked around a lot, seeing most of the city. Especially the panorama view when you walk more up was really great! Back home, we enjoyed the sun on the balcony of the place where my parents were staying for a while.

– 31st of may, friday-
In the evening, I went to Bregenz with my parents. There was a festival with live music and there were food trucks, so we ate Mexican food at one of them. The music was nice, just like the weather, and we could watch the sunset over the lake.

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