March 2019
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 7 ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น

Disclaimer: March was really cool.

– 2nd of march, saturday – 
During the day, I went to Bregenz with a friend for a nice walk at the lake. In the evening we went to a party in our kitchen, with some other friends too. We ended up in a bar and I had a really good time. It ended with one guy sandwiched between two mattresses having a huge piece of chewing gum sticking to his hand, trying to have a philosophical conversation. A friend stayed the night and had to leave in his Indian costume the next morning, also very funny. Sunday, consequently, was a lazy day drinking coffee and ordering pizza with the roommates.

– 7th of march, thursday – 
Three of my favourite people arrived to Dornbirn! My friends came to visit me for the weekend (and my birthday!) โค๏ธ

– 8th of march, friday – 
I had a free day and went to Lindau with my friends – I felt very sorry for them, because it was raining and cold, so the whole niceness of the place was bit lost in the weather. In the evening, we had a small birthday party for me, also my roommates were there, and after drinks at home we went to an 80s, 90s and 00s party in Rauch. One of my friends won a free entrance plus a free cocktail for two, so as the birthday girl I was the lucky one! 

– 9th of march, saturday – 
On my actual birthday, my friends and I went to eat cake and walked up to the nice viewpoint of Dornbirn. My roommates prepared my a birthday surprise: they made window stickers, of which there were some that were cats and every cat represented one of us. The angel, that’s me.

– 10th of march, sunday – 
Two of my friends had to leave in the morning, the other one stayed until Thursday. With her, I went hiking during the day and in the evening we went to this weird tradition called Funken, where they burn a big snowman to celebrate the end of winter. Or something like it.

– 16th of march, saturday – 
During the day, I went to Lindau. It was awesome weather and I sat down at my favourite place at the lake, just enjoying the sunshine and some alone time. In the evening, we celebrated a friend’s birthday – we made her a piรฑata that looked like a raccoon and it was super cool. I think she kept it hanging in her room for the rest of the year. 

– 17th of march, sunday – 
The weather was still nice, so I decided to go hiking alone and bring my camera with me. It was super to be outside!

– 20th of march, wednesday – 
Because I was already fluent in German, I was offered to take another course and I could pick whatever I liked. I decided to go for Spanish and this was my first class. I liked it a lot, although I felt I was a bit behind compared with the other students in the A1-level.

– 21st to 24th of march, thursday to sunday – 
A friend that I met during both the on arrival and midterm training came to visit in Dornbirn. We cooked together, went to the volunteers in the farm for a nice sleepover party, we went to the market in Feldkirch and did a picnic after. We also went to a friend’s place; he prepared Iraqi food for us and it was really nice.

We also had an ‘incident’ at our home this week, where a guy was very inappropriate with one of the volunteers to a point where multiple people got scared to be in the kitchen alone. Our coordinator came to sort it out and it ended with him not being allowed in our kitchen anymore. 

Also, a little room tour!

– 29th to 31st of march, friday to sunday – 
I didn’t take any photos of this weekend and I’m not going to say too much about it, but this was the first date with my boyfriend. We decided to meet halfway (8.5 hours distance problems) in Salzburg for a weekend and it was really great.

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