June 2019
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 10 πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

– 1st of june, saturday – 
My parents were still in Dornbirn and we drove to Switzerland, to Walensee, a lake I wanted to see very badly. It was a super sunny day and we hiked along the lake, also into the forest-y area next to it. Then, when we were back in the sun, I noticed that my dad had a bat on his shirt that refused to leave. My mother panicked and my dad had to take the shirt off to get rid of the bat. It was hilarious, I laughed so hard (and thanked the universe that the bat wasn’t on me).

– 4th of june, tuesday – 
Only one day after my parents left, my boyfriend arrived to Dornbirn and he stayed with me for three weeks in my tiny room. All we had to do was make sure the people at the reception didn’t get suspicious. Spoiler: they did not notice at all.

– 7th to 10th of june, friday to monday – 
After meeting a friend for a beer on Friday evening, two other friends arrived to Dornbirn. It was a long weekend and they stayed with us. We took them to the classic spots: the lake, the rappenlochschlucht and then we also went to play minigolf which was surprisingly fun.

– 16th of june, sunday – 
After a week of work and many dinners with friends in the evenings, we ‘just’ went for a walk on Sunday evening. Spontaneously, we decided to hike up Karren (mountain) to watch the sunset. I was super not dressed for this and I didn’t bring any water, but I managed to get up the mountain alive. Then I went to the bathroom there to drink loads of water before enjoying the sunset and going back down. Totally worth it by the way, as you can see the sunset was breathtaking. We saw the sun disappear behind the lake super fast.

– 22nd of june, saturday – 
With a friend, we went to inatura, the museum for kids to learn about nature and animals. It was fun because it was very interactive. We also started to make a birthday present for one of our friends – she was going to get a weird shaped and coloured sloth named Karl. 

– 23rd of june, sunday – 
This was a very great day; the free time activity for the volunteers was to go with an alpine coaster. We first went with the train, then we walked for around an hour before arriving to the alpine coaster. My boyfriend and I went together in one and – even though we were slowed down a lot – it was cool to at least for a while go full speed down the mountains in the coaster. Love it.

– 25th of june, tuesday – 
The morning was awful, because before going to work I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend, who was going back to Graz. I was super sad and cried throughout the breakfast and then I had to go to work with my puffy red eyes. 

– 29th of june, saturday – 
I know I didn’t talk about my project for a while, but it was getting cray-zy. The days were very long and even on Saturday I was in the office to get things done. In the evening I went for drinks with two of my friends, which was very nice to unwind a little.

– 30th of june, sunday – 
It was the last day that all of us volunteers would be together. I was still going to see everyone after, but there was not a single day where all of us would be in the same place again. In the evening we had a goodbye kind of barbecue that at the same time was a birthday party for one volunteer. Do you see Karl in the photo? We finished him in time and he was odd, but cool. 

For me, this night was also a goodbye to my social life, as the next two weeks were going to be pure madness (more on that in the next diary). It also hit me hard that the year was going to end and some of us were leaving soon – I may have shed some tears staring into the bonfire, music on, people dancing around, having drinks. This night is such a bittersweet memory for me, even now it makes me a little sad to think back.

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