August 2019
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 12 🇦🇹

I cannot believe that this is the last part of the ESC-diary in retrospect series. Month number 12, August 2019, the last month I spent in Austria. I can honestly say that it was the best year of my life and that I think back to this adventure with nothing but love and warm feelings. I really fell in love with Vorarlberg and I cannot wait to go back there.

– 1st to 9th of august, thursday to friday –
The first one and a half weeks of August, I still had my summer holidays and I spent them travelling with my boyfriend. On the first of the month, we were with two friends in Vienna (who had three kittens!). We spent time with them and visited some sights in Vienna. On the 3rd we said goodbye and took a bus to Bratislava, where we spent two days and then we went to one of my favourite places in the world: Budapest. Unfortunately, then the summer trip was over and we went back to Vorarlberg, with a night in Vienna on the journey back. I wrote about all three these destinations before, so check it out if you’re interested! 

– 12th of august, monday – 
First day back at work after the holidays. My colleagues and I spent the morning with prosecco, sweets and holiday stories. In the evening, we had a welcome home party for two of our friends and it was very nice to be with our group of volunteers again. One of them made a game with many papers that all had a funny ESC memory of our group on there. One had to mimic what happened in that situation and the others had to guess. It was really cool, because I remembered many moments that I hadn’t thought of in a while.

– 14th of august, wednesday – 
We had tickets for the Bregenzer Festspiele, which is an opera on the stage you can see below here. Outdoors, on the lake. We watched Rigoletto and even though I’m not into operas, it was really impressive.

– 16th of august, friday – 
After an uneventful holiday on Thursday, I worked only in the morning on Friday and then we went to the market square in the evening, because there was live music. We had drinks, went to a bar, danced a little. Nice evening.

– 18th of august, sunday – 
Last hike in Austria, I didn’t realise how much I’d miss that. We went to Lünersee, because the first time we went it was too windy and I really wanted to see it again. I went with my boyfriend and two friends and it was really cool. We hiked up, walked around the lake and then my boyfriend walked down, just the two of us. Just look at those pictures, how can a place like that be real?

– 20th of august, tuesday – 
I had a free day from work, because we didn’t have much to do anymore. I went to the spa in St. Margrethen with my boyfriend. It was super relaxing: while the rain was falling down on our faces, we were outside in the warm water. 

– 23rd of august, friday – 
The week of goodbyes started… In the evening, we went to Sunnahof to say goodbye to the four volunteers who were living there. There was a bonfire, music and cake. I had some very nice conversations and moments, that still make me smile today. It was hard saying goodbye.

– 26th to 29th of august, monday to thursday – 
The week flew by: closing my bank account, sending back a part of my luggage by post, a goodbye dinner, I had to say goodbye in my project on Thursday. They made me a photo collage, there was a speech, alcohol and, of course, more goodbyes. In the evening I said goodbye to the two volunteers that I was still living with. So much sadness.

– 30th of august, friday – 
Locking my door in Kolping, knowing I’d never open it again. They were twenty square meters at most, bathroom included, but I knew I’d miss those twenty square meters lots. I’d miss my friends in Kolping, house cat Charlie, Dornbirn, my project, the mountains, all the beautiful places in Vorarlberg and the life I made for myself that year. My boyfriend and I took the train to Zurich, where we spent the day. I liked the city a lot, amazing how the lake is bordering with this city, but I didn’t manage to fully enjoy it. Then we went to the airport, got into the airplane and before I knew it I was hugging my parents at Amsterdam airport.

Just like that, the end of a beautiful adventure. The end of an era, welcome to the world of adulting.

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