April 2019
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 8 πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

– 4th and 5th of april, thursday and friday –
We were working at a spring fair with my project and I did not like it at all. There were way too many people and we weren’t organised so well, so we had to do a million last-minute things and that was exhausting. On Thursday we also went to a gala event with work, which was cool to see, but at the same time totally not my crowd. I was super exhausted after these two days.

– 6th of april, saturday –
I went alone to Feldkirch to go hiking, I needed to be outside. I felt super down and I was overthinking the future. The views were good though.

– 7th of april, sunday –
I went to Hard with some friends, seeing the lake from a different perspective. I was drawing on stones and I built a ‘boat’. It might not look like much, but don’t underestimate my sense of pride about this boat.

– 11th to 17th of april, thursday to wednesday –
A few minutes before midnight I got to pick up my boyfriend from the train station. He came to spend a week with me in Dornbirn and we did many things. We spent an evening at the farm, visited Lindau, the place with the nice view in Dornbirn, spent an evening at the lake in Bregenz. I didn’t take any photos during this week, so here’s a picture of I don’t know where in April of Charlie staring at my pancakes.

– 18th to 22nd of april, thursday to monday –
On the 18th, my boyfriend and I went together to Graz, where he was doing his volunteering project. After a whole day in the train, we decided to enjoy the nice spring evening by walking up to Schlossberg to watch the sunset and it was awesome. We visited a castle with peacocks and kissed on the balcony of the castle, because, you know, I’m like a princess in a fairy tale. We went back to Schlossberg during the day to see a giant inflatable Easter bunny. We went to a festival of ‘sound and vision’, but due to bad signaling we had a lot of trouble finding the sounds and visions, so we mainly walked a lot seeing not much. Saying goodbye after almost one and a half weeks together was hard, especially knowing we wouldn’t see each other for almost four weeks. Long distance sucks.

– 25th of april, thursday –
One of the volunteers had birthday, so we had a birthday dinner together, which was very nice. I didn’t make any plans for the weekend after, because I needed some time alone to think and breathe. 

A more short diary this time, because I only took a few photos in April and I don’t want to share everything about this month, as my emotions ranged from on top of the world to crying my eyes out. I had to think about my life after the ESC-project and there were some hard decisions to be made, which occupied a lot of time in my mind during April.

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  1. Hoi Linda, ik heb bijna al je blogs gelezen. Je schrijft echt ontzettend leuk en ik vond het heel fijn om je verhalen te lezen, omdat ik nu zelf in een EVS traject zit. Heel leuk, dankje!

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