Apartment Hunting 🐢
Trying to catch a chubby turtle

Whereas job hunting for me felt like trying to catch a cheetah (you have no idea where it’s hiding and you somehow have to hunt it down), apartment hunting was more like catching a turtle. You know, turtles aren’t the fastest animals by nature, so catching one isn’t too hard. Well, then imagine that this turtle was really, really old and a bit too chubby. Oh, and lazy too. Then imagine that this turtle just appeared out of nowhere; I opened the door and there it was, taking a nap and not being aware of being caught at all. Then, once the turtle woke up, he looked at me and said “Can I stay with you?”.  Exactly, that was what it was like to find an apartment.

I heard before that finding an apartment in Groningen isn’t that easy. There are more people looking than apartments available. Every apartment I saw online was expensive and then it didn’t include the costs for gas, water, light, internet and more, so it would be even more expensive. I checked the standard websites, I checked the apartment buildings that will soon be finished around the city. It was more orienting myself and getting a feeling for the prices than actually looking for an apartment. First the job, then the apartment.

Once I was sure of the job, I felt like finding the apartment would be  another difficult task. Then my mother remembered something. She remembered that her friend was moving out of her apartment and planning to rent it; she said she could ask her. The friend was very nice and invited us to come and look at the place. So about a week ago, my boyfriend and I first went to the apartment and wow. We loved it from the start! The place is very spacious, lots of natural light and the furniture is nice. The neighbourhood seemed fine too – not too far from the centre, but quiet at the same time.

And then, on Friday, we got the final price of the rent (very affordable) and we heard we could have it if we wanted. I still can’t believe how easy it was to find an apartment, since I expected it to be even more difficult than finding a job. More difficult than catching a cheetah… maybe like catching a dinosaur? 🦕

It turned out our apartment was a turtle: hiding in plain sight, without any intention of escaping once we tried to catch it. Unbelievable.

I like turtles. There should  be more turtles in life.

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