Hi there, I'm Linda

A 26-year old Dutch girl who lives in Spain. I moved here in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. Here on my blog, I share my adventures and me trying to figure out my new life here.

It was Christmas 2017 when I finished my master’s degree in communication. What I wanted to do after? I had no idea. Therefore, the next few years were me trying to figure out what makes me happy. I did an internship in the communication department of a museum, left for a year to the Austrian mountains to volunteer through the European Solidarity Corps and I worked as communication officer in a university medical center. At the end of 2020 I did something very scary: I moved to Galicia, without having a job or a clear plan.

It turned out this was exactly what I need to do something I had secretly dreamed of for years: starting my own business. As a freelance content creator I help companies to increase their online visibility with content that appeals to their audience. I write a lot of different texts with a strong focus on making complex information comprehensible and easy-to-read. Besides that, I also create other digital content in Dutch and English and I do some graphic designing. 

get to know me better

I lived in the Netherlands (1995-2020, with some breaks), England (2015-2016), Austria (2018-2019), Spain (2020-now).

In my free time I go for long walks in nature, do creative things and read books.

I speak Dutch, English, German and a bit of Spanish.

I love Pringles, journaling, photography and cute animal videos.

Ik dream of a cosy house in nature with my own little vegetable garden.

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