A weekend on a dirty boat in Amsterdam 🚒

And breathe… That’s exactly what my boyfriend and I thought when we arrived on the ‘dirty boat’ in Amsterdam. The entrance door was wide open, there was no employee to be spotted and our keys were laying at the bar. At this point we were still excited about the boat and the room, which quickly changed when we actually entered the room. Not only was it hotter than a sauna, it also seemed like nobody had bothered to vacuum clean in the last month. We went for a walk, both slightly disturbed by our room on the boat. “Do you think there will be an employee once we return to talk to?” Spoiler: no there wasn’t. “Do you think we can find a vacuum cleaner?” Spoiler: no we couldn’t. Once we returned from our walk, we cleaned the room as well as we could by getting a little creative with lots of toilet paper, water and hand soap. Now it was okay, the room was okay.

We went back out for a walk in the Red Light District at night and some Noodles to Walk, which we ate sitting by the canal, enjoying that the temperature at least lowered a little after dark. Back at the boat, we took a shower and got ready for bed, but there was another surprise waiting for us. The couple staying at the end of the hallway seemed to be recording a porn movie, as they – and I’m not exaggerating here – had sex every half hour all weekend long. Or maybe they were just having fun, in that case, good for them. Not so good for us; it wasn’t easy to sleep.

New day, new chances. The breakfast was lovely, just like the common room where we ate it. I almost mistook the yogurt for pancake dough and put it on the hot plate, but luckily I smelled it just before making this sad mistake. We spent the day at the Stedelijk Museum and the Vondelpark, which was lovely. We returned to the boat just before it started pouring rain. It’s okay when you’re back at the boat, right? Yes, it would be, if we could somehow manage to close the window properly. More and more water was dripping down on the bed and it took us a good fifteen minutes to figure out how to get it closed properly. We spent the evening on the boat, playing games. This night not only did we have the fun couple to listen to, also a new guest had arrived: the heavy snorer. And if I say heavy snorer, I mean that it sounded like him and I were sharing the bed when in reality he was at least a few rooms away.

The magical moment arrived: we were leaving the boat for good. We looked over our shoulder, said “goodbye dirty boat” and went for a walk. We had a coffee on a terrace, bought food to eat by the canal and then went to the station to go to the airport. More on that next time!

(I actually had a lovely time in Amsterdam and the boat didn’t ruin my weekend at all – I just highlighted the inconveniences for entertainment purposes. I felt like I had to add that, because it was a cool trip.)

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