I’m back! Freelance life, little adventures & new blog look 🇪🇸

Hi there, I’m back! Not only with a new blog entry but also with a new look for the blog. I haven’t posted anything in the past three weeks, so this is a big update with tons of photos. Keep reading for freelance life updates and lots of little adventures. There has been a lot of sunshine lately, so I went exploring many times.

The blog has a new look.

I felt like the look of my blog didn’t suit me anymore. It looked too ‘busy’ for my taste, too many things were moving and it was too colourful. So I decided to redo the layout and if you’re reading this now, you see the result of that. I went for a much calmer look. I still use videos that move, but the general style is definitely more calm. That portrays my personality and current mood a lot better than how my blog used to look.

Do you like it?

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Freelance life

One of the reasons why I haven’t posted on the blog as much, is because I write for a living. Since I started working as a freelancer at the beginning of February, I spend a big part of my days writing texts. So – you can probably imagine – when I finish working, I usually don’t feel in the mood to write more. And that’s okay. I know I set the goal to publish two blog posts a week this year, but that was before I started working. Life changes, goals change. 

So far, the freelance life is going well. I work for a Dutch marketing agency where I write texts. They’re – for example –  product descriptions for webshops or blogs about specific topics. I also work for a Spanish company, where I do different communication tasks and PR activities. I like the variety of the two things – it’s nice to not always be doing the same. I’m also slowly getting everything sorted out here in Spain, registration and tax wise, so that’s nice.

Little adventures

The weather has gotten so much better over the last couple of weeks! The temperatures are really nice, usually around 15 degrees or even a bit above. It still rains some days, but there are also many sunny days, which is great for exploring. I went for many walks and ‘discovered’ many new places around here.

Merienda in Ribeira

The first nice day, we walked all the way to the neighbouring town of Ribeira. We bought snacks in Lidl and had our merienda on the beach. It was so great to sit down in the sand and enjoy the sunset! I was getting a little bit fresh towards the end, but it was such a beautiful day.

New favourite place

I found my new favourite place, totally by accident. I was walking and going to different small beaches around here. Then, I happened to find a beach with a swing and a hammock made out of a fishing net! How cool is that? 

Feet in the ocean

That was also the first day that I went with my feet into the ocean. The water was freezing cold, but it made me so happy. I can feel such a big change in my mood ever since the weather has gotten better. I’m more motivated and I feel more happy in general. Thank you sunshine!

I’m in a net because I’m a fish

uhh… Pisces

It’s Pisces season! As you can see, I’m literally a happy fish in a net. Actually, my birthday is tomorrow. In one day I’ll be 26 – wow. Let’s see how many more grey hairs I can collect in the next year (because there are already many, help!). 

So, what’s next?

I honestly don’t have a clear plan for the blog; I don’t have anything scheduled and I don’t know how often I will post something on here. I’ll just go with the flow.

I do know what will be next though: it’s time again for a Day Zero Project update.

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