First freelance week! | Mi vida en España #12 🇪🇸

Last week was a pretty exciting one, as it was my first freelance week! If you have been reading along for a while, you have read about my registration struggles here and here. So, with everything sorted out I could finally start last week. Want to know how my first week as a freelancer went? Keep reading!

My first freelance week

What do I do as a freelancer? I would call myself a content creator, which means I do everything from copywriting to (online) communication, social media and design. At the moment I am working for a Dutch marketing agency, where I write copy. I get my assignments by email and during my first week I completed four of them. Each assignment is for a different company or brand. For example, for one company I wrote twenty-something short product description, for another one I wrote two longer pieces about customer service. 

All in all I’m pretty content (pun intended) about my first week. I think I can write relatively fast once I’m focused and the work is very fine to do. By writing about many different topics, you automatically learn a lot of random things, which I think is really cool. Besides that, I also have two other potential freelance jobs coming up, but nothing of that has been finalised. A pretty good start, right?

I also treated myself to some freelance equipment: the laptop stand that you see above. It puts my laptop screen more up, which means I can sit more straight in front of it and it’s better for my back and neck. The only thing still missing is the external keyboard, because typing is a lot less comfortable now the laptop is on the stand.

The things that get you excited in lockdown

One thing lockdown is teaching all of us (I guess) is to appreciate the small things. We need something from the store? I get excited – even if it rains – because it gives me a reason to leave the house for a bit. Banana pancakes for breakfast? I get excited, it’s the highlight of my day. Finally no rain and some sunshine? More excitement, because I can go for a long walk outside. With the current restrictions and everything closed, walks are pretty much the only thing you can do for fun outside of your own home. Saturday was a great day, because finally it was not raining and the sun was shining beautifully. We’re looking forward to another week filled with rain, so I guess I have to cherish this memory for a while.

This is one thing I hope will stay after the whole pandemic: the feeling of excitement for the small things in life


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