Spanish bank account & cake | Mi vida en España #9 🇪🇸

It’s been a while – a little over two weeks – since I posted one of these life updates. If you read my article about my 2021 goals and how to achieve them, you already know my plan: a new Mi Vida en España every Monday at 5 p.m. Let’s see if my life is exciting enough for that 😉 After two weeks of silence, there is enough to talk about today. From job opportunities to opening a Spanish bank account and from baking a cake to long walks.

Job opportunities

In my last Mi Vida en España entry (number 8), I talked about my job interview in Vigo. I wasn’t sure what to do, because I don’t see myself working in finance and living in Vigo. In my Day Zero Project update I already mentioned it, but I want to address the topic again. I decided to say no to the job. I don’t want to work in something that doesn’t make me feel happy and excited, and I knew this job wasn’t going to bring me joy. Of course, right after saying no, I started to worry. What if I wouldn’t get another chance soon? What if I was ungrateful for saying no? However, it starts to look like saying no was the right choice. Some opportunities are starting to come up, but more on that next time!

Opening a Spanish bank account (ai ai ai)

– The first ai ai ai –

It was time for another step in the integration process: opening a Spanish bank account. You’d say, pretty easy, right? My boyfriend and I were off to a good start: it was already our turn after two minutes of waiting. We sat down, the employee mumbled something about a coffee and disappeared for ten minutes. Then he came back and asked me for some papers, that I happily handed over. He didn’t look at them and started to finish up some other work first. Then he got confused by my passport. Why didn’t I have an identity card? Is that not mandatory in the Netherlands? He had a hard time accepting that I only had a passport, but then he started the process anyway. After another five minutes he saw someone enter the bank, told us he had an appointment and moved us to another employee. Ok.

– The second ai ai ai –

Hello employee number two! A friendly guy, trying to slowly talk to me in Spanish. If I had been here before, how I liked it here, some classic weather talk. We – again – started the process, doing everything from the beginning. The first problem arose soon. Where is the underscore on the keyboard? The bank employee tried and tried, but all he ended up doing was make his screen smaller. A second employee came to check, but also didn’t manage. In the end employee three managed to do an underscore. It took some time and laughs, but we got there.

– The third ai ai ai (with a successful ending) –

Of course these weren’t all the problems yet. The next one was my phone number, which isn’t Spanish. I was supposed to receive a text, but nothing happened. The second or third attempt was more successful and I got my text to activate my mobile banking. It took a bit over an hour and four digital signatures, but… it worked! I now am the proud owner of a Spanish bank account with the magnificent total of €0. All I need now to spend my €0 is a debit card, which should arrive this week. Yay.

Uh snow, hi, where r u? ❆

Yes, sunny weather is nice and I did appreciate the blue skies of the last week. I could go for walks and on the less windy days, the temperatures were very mild. However, where’s my snow? It seems like there is snow everywhere and I feel like I’m missing out! Madrid is covered in snow (as well as many other parts of Spain), Austria is a winter wonderland and even in the Netherlands there is some snow. Snow, if you’re reading this, come here pls i love you.

What else has happened? My boyfriend and I baked a cake, because there was a birthday in the family. Our blueberry cheesecake with chocolate turned out very yummy. We didn’t manage to light all the candles before the birthday person entered the room, but I think the surprise still worked. Plus the next day there were leftovers, so happy me.

A pretty exciting start of the year, right? I’m looking forward to hopefully tell you more about the job opportunities (and corresponding paperwork, ai ai ai) next week. Have a great start of your week!

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