My first Christmas in Galicia | Mi vida en España #7 🇪🇸

This year I spent my first Christmas in Galicia and it was… very underwhelming. Usually my boyfriend’s family celebrates all together with a big dinner on the 24th and a big lunch on the 25th. Of course, this year corona changed everything. The maximum amount of people was six, which in our case meant just immediate family. To dampen the Christmas spirit even more, someone had to go to the hospital as well (nothing serious). This meant that not even everyone of the immediate family ate together on the 24th.

Conclusion: there was nothing Christmassy about my first Christmas in Galicia. And honestly, that’s super okay. I’m not a big Christmas person and I wasn’t looking forward too much to big family meals where I wouldn’t be able to understand much anyway. The only thing we were lucky with was the weather; it was very sunny and we could go for long walks at the beach.

I’ll leave you with some Christmas photos that don’t seem christmassy at all. I hope you had great holidays and got to spend them exactly the way you wanted to, whether that means really festive or like normal days with some yummy food.

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  1. Het ziet er zo prachtig uit waar jij bent! Kan me wel voorstellen dat zo’n Kerstmis ook heerlijk is. 🙂

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