January 2016
Erasmus-diary in retrospect, month no. 5 ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

I stayed in England for exactly one semester, which means that the fifth month of today’s diary is also the last one in this series. However, if you like these living abroad themed entries (my year of volunteering in Austria, my Erasmus semester in England), I have good news for you. A new living abroad series is coming up very soon! More on that in the next weeks; now it’s time for the last Erasmus-diary.

โ€“ 1st of january, friday โ€“
Happy new year! Or should I say happy hangover?

โ€“ 5th of january, tuesday โ€“
After working a lot on my essays during the week, two of my roommates and I went out for drinks. We sneaked out of house to have drinks on a girls night out and not have the boys tag along, haha.

โ€“ 7th of january, thursday โ€“
Of course there’s no way we could’ve left the country without having a proper afternoon tea, so that’s exactly what we did during these last weeks. There was a lot of food and an unlimited amount of tea. Really, it’s so easy to make me happy. We already had our last night with one of the roommates, who was returning home early. 

โ€“ 11th of january, monday โ€“
The night before I finished my essay and now we were taking the bus to Edinburgh. After six hours we arrived to a lovely hostel. We had burgers for dinner, had a beer in another pub and went back to the hostel for some rest.

โ€“ 12th of january, tuesday โ€“
Breakfast was only possible until 9, so that meant getting up early, so we could still eat something. We walked through the rain to Calton Hill for a beautiful (and cloudy) view. We decided to avoid the rain by going to the National Museum of Scotland. We lost one friend for a while, found him again, had a coffee. Afterwards, we went to the castle, from which you have an amazing view on the mountains. We walked a lot more, I accidentally ordered a pizza without cheese and we ended in a pub again.

โ€“ 13th of january, wednesday โ€“
We took a bus to Portobello, a lovely seaside town. We walked on the beach in the middle of winter and walked a bit more in the town itself. Today was the day to see Calton Hill with better weather. The last activity for the day was to climb up Arhur’s Seat, which was really awesome and totally worth it considering the view from the top. We had Mexican food and it even snowed a little in the evening!

โ€“ 14th of january, thursday โ€“
We came back to the castle again in the morning and afterwards we went to Camera Obscura, which was really cool. We listened to a presentation about the first camera obscura that displayed Edinburgh and then there were five floors with optical illusions. Then we went to the National Gallery of Scotland, which wasn’t really my thing. We had Italian food and went to a pub (what a surprise). We were tired enough to be tipsy after only one drink and it was a fun night, ending when the pub closed.

โ€“ 15th of january, friday โ€“
After breakfast we checked out, did some shopping and went back to Sheffield. I had a weird evening, I may have broken someone’s heart a little bit.

โ€“ 20th of january, wednesday โ€“
I had my first and only exam for my English as a Foreign Language class. Unfortunately it wasn’t so easy, but afterwards some of my classmates and I went for a coffee to make things a little better. We had another goodbye-party in the evening for a friend.

โ€“ 22nd of january, friday โ€“
Finally, I finished my last essay! I celebrated it by going to the swimming pool and having Mexican food for dinner with two friends .

โ€“ 24th of january, sunday โ€“
After watching Pride and Prejudice the night before, it was time to go to Chatsworth, the castle. We walked up a hill from where we had a great view and then we took the bus to Bakewell, a small town in the Peaks. 

โ€“ 25th of january, monday โ€“
We went to the Weston Park Museum and afterwards we FINALLY took the paternoster in the Arts Tower. I mean, it’s just an elevator, but we got very excited over it. We had a fun dinner with friends and went out for a little bit, but there were too many drunk freshmen. 

โ€“ 27th of january, wednesday โ€“
I met one of my friends for a lovely lunch and in the evening we had drinks at home, another roommate was leaving. Things were starting to get really sad with all the goodbyes.

โ€“ 30th of january, saturday โ€“
We spent the days together, enjoying the last days with friends, and we started packing up all our stuff. At night we went out for burgers and afterwards we went to Poptarts again. I had a super fun night, although a little bitter sweet because I was so aware it was our last night. The end of an amazing adventure.

โ€“ 31st of january, sunday โ€“
After two hours of sleep we had to leave the house. For good. My friend’s suitcase broke, but luckily we managed to fix it somehow. We were extremely tired and I definitely had felt better before, so it was a long day of travelling. At eight o’clock in the evening I was back in the Netherlands – the adventure was over.

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