November 2015
Erasmus-diary in retrospect, month no. 3 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

– 1st of november, sunday –
The month started with a huge hangover, caused by a super fun Halloween party the night before. I didn’t manage to drag myself out of the house until two in the afternoon to go for a walk with my parents, who were visiting me.

– 2nd of november, monday –
My parents left in the early afternoon, so my British university life went back to normal. One of my roommates had her birthday, so we decided to surprise her with a dinner in a pub and a quiz. We had a lot of fun!

– 5th of november, thursday –
It was Guy Fawkes Night a.k.a. Bonfire Night. I had high expectations of fireworks and bonfires and all the good stuff. My roommates and I walked up to Bole Hill to enjoy all this greatness, but we were bitterly disappointed. I think we saw about one firework and no bonfires at all. To comfort ourselves, we bought a lot of cookies and made hot chocolates at home.

– 7th of november, saturday –
A friend and I left early in the morning to catch the bus to Liverpool. Yes, it was time for another day trip! It was raining cats and dogs (to keep it British) and my friend forgot her bus ticket, so we had a stressful early morning and arrived soaking wet to the bus. It cleared up a little after a coffee in Liverpool, so we took a ferry to enjoy the city from the water. Great view over the skyline! We went for a walk in the city center and afterwards to the huge cathedral. We climbed up the tower and the view was definitely worth it. We spent our last hour in the Tate, before taking a bus back home.

– 13th of november, friday –
Based on my stories, you’d think I never studied or went to classes, which definitely isn’t true. I’ll admit – the hours were great and I didn’t have many classes, but I did study for the subjects I had. I basically spent all week non-stop studying and writing the two essays that were due on Monday. I managed to finish them by the evening, so afterwards I treated myself to nachos and movies with two roommates.

– 14th of november, saturday –
A day filled with baking and Christmas music (yes, you can’t be excited early enough in the UK apparently).

– 15th of november, sunday –
My friend from the Netherlands arrived to Sheffield! I was super happy to pick her up at the train station and to being able to spend a week with her.

– 17th of november, tuesday –
My friend wasn’t lucky with the weather so far, but we left the house anyway, so I could show her around a little. In the evening one of our (adopted) roommates had his birthday, so we had a party with lasagnas and lovely talks in the kitchen.

– 18th of november, wednesday –
My friend and I took a train to go to Manchester for the day, a place I hadn’t visited before either. The weather still wasn’t great, so there were coffees and art galleries. The coolest part was the evening, because we went to a rooftop bar in the Hilton hotel. It was probably the most expensive hot chocolate I ever had, but the view was totally worth it and the hot chocolate was next level. The journey back wasn’t the smoothest, but we arrived just in time for drinks with my roommates and ended up at a party at the Student’s Union.

– 21st of november, saturday –
My friend left on Friday, but there was no time to be sad about it, because we went on another day trip to Cambridge. Spoiler: not a successful day trip. We left way too late, because some people arrived very late to the bus, and therefore also arrived way too late in Cambridge. The King’s College just closed, so we couldn’t see this anymore. Closed for visitors became the theme of the day and I still remember now – five years later – how incredibly cold I was all day. We did have some fun during the day, but it definitely wasn’t our best day trip.

– 22nd of november, sunday –
Another early morning, another day trip. This time to Newcastle and a lot more successful than the day before. The views with all the bridges were great, we visited the castle, the church and the Christmas market. I ate a delicious waffle and saw an axolotl in the Great North Museum. On the way back, I tried to teach my Spanish roommate some Dutch words and we laughed a lot. I may have even cried with laughter.

– 27th of november, friday –
I had a busy week catching up on all the university work that I hadn’t done the week before. I drank lots of teas with roommates, went to sports classes and watched some Netflix. Studying abroad doesn’t always have to be super exciting to be nice.

– 28th of november, saturday –
This weekend the day trip was to Birmingham. We mainly spent the day shopping, as the weather sucked and there wasn’t much else to do. I bought a blouse that I still have and like today, five years later, so that’s pretty cool. The best place was the library, which gave us a great view over the city. In the evening we had drinks with friends and went to Poptarts, a party with music from the 50s – 00s, divided into two rooms for two eras. Such a fun night!

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