October 2015
Erasmus-diary in retrospect, month no. 2 ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

– 1st of october, thursday –
In the evening, I went to a training of the trampolining society for the first time and I enjoyed it a lot. I’ve always wanted to do trampolining as a sport, but around where I live it was never possible. Perfect moment to try during my Erasmus semester!

– 2nd of october, friday –
We had one of our family dinners in the evening and afterwards we went to the international party at the student’s union. I’m still amazed by the fact that they had two club-like rooms down there in the university building. Unfortunately I was getting this fresher’s flue that everybody was talking about and I didn’t feel good at all. I didn’t drink because of this and I left relatively early. Happy to see my bed!

– 4th of october, sunday –
After a day of coughing and watching Netflix in bed it was time to spend the Sunday in Nottingham. Through the student’s union there were many cheap day trips offered and we went on a lot. We saw Wollaton Hall and the Deer Park and afterwards we also visited the city center, which I didn’t find so special.

– 5th to 7th of october, monday to wednesday –
Some nice evenings with friends after classes: participating in a Friends quiz en failing miserably, trying the yoga classes in the student village, having a nice dinner night at home.

– 10th of october, saturday –
We got up early for another day trip, to Whitby this time. This was probably one of the most surprising places I visited in my semester in England. I absolutely loved the seaside town, so pretty. We visited the abbey, ate at the sea, walked on the beach. Lovely autumn day!

– 12th of october, monday –
At the unreasonable hour of eight in the morning the fire alarm sounded loudly. And when I say loudly, I mean really loud. For a change I met all my roommates in pyjamas in front of the house. One was evening holding a cup of tea, another refused to leave the shower and was hiding. Luckily it was only a test.

– 13th of october, tuesday –
One of my roommates – without much experience with living alone and taking care of themselves – put my plastic plate with leftover food in the oven to heat it up. When I came to make a tea, the kitchen was filled with blue smoke and the oven had melting plastic inside. Sigh.

– 14th of october, wednesday –
Three of my Austrian friends (who I saw again multiple times during my ESC in Austria last year, how cool!) hosted an Austrian dinner party with lots of yummy food. A very nice evening!

– 15th of october, thursday –
Together with some friends, we decided to sign up for the photo society and we went to the first meeting. (Confession: unlike trampolining that I went to every Sunday, I only went to the photo society  this one time, oops.) Afterwards we went to a house party of a friend, but I was still not feeling great and left early. Such a long fresher’s flue.

– 17th of october, saturday –
Weekends are for day trips: Licoln this time. Some friends and I visited the castle, including a walk on the castle walls. We enjoyed walking around in the center visited a museum and had a hot chocolate. Nice day!

– 21st of october, wednesday –
I volunteered to help at the Global Opportunities Fair, representing the Netherlands. I had some nice conversations with students that wanted to study abroad and I hope I managed to inspire someone to go for it.

– 22nd of october, thursday –
One of my roommates and I bought tickets to a ballet based on the book 1984 by George Orwell. It was danced very well and I enjoyed seeing the Lyceum theater from the inside.

– 23rd of october, saturday –
Another weekend, almost impossible to guess what we did, right? Yes, we went on another day trip. I absolutely loved the city of York, one of my favourite places I visited during my semester. We visited the York Minster, enjoyed the small streets and walked on the city wall. Great view on the cathedral from there.

– 21st of october, wednesday –
My parents arrived to Dornbirn for a visit, so I spent most of the week with them, while trying to manage Halloween party preparations at the same time. 

– 31st of october, saturday –
The only exception to spending time with my parents: Halloween. My roommates and I hosted a party at our house and it was really great, one of the best nights of the semester for me. All roommates dressed up as a scary version of different Disney characters. I was Belle, because everyone said I was a lot like her. We had many nice people over, talked and drank, I ended on a couch until half past four. As you may be able to guess, the next day was a lot less fun. Do you like my ‘scary’ spider Frank?

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