Bullet Journal Setup | May 2020 ๐ŸŽจ

Another month of staying at home, of dancing at home. Another month of dreaming of the mountains and the sea, enjoying the sunshine from behind the glass. Even though the month will mainly be spent at home, it’s off to a good start: I have a week of holidays!

I didn’t have holidays since I started my job in November, except for a few days around Christmas, that I spent with family in Germany. I was planning to wait until I could travel again, but I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon and I have many holidays left. It will be nice to disconnect for a week and do whatever I want. I wrote down the things I would like to do that week, but this week I’ll do whatever I want to do and what feels right. I need a week like that.


  • Back up all my files/photos and clear space on my laptop. Not very exciting, but I haven’t done this in way too long and my laptop has gotten very slow.
  • Finally finish reading 1Q84.
  • Make a cool website for my boyfriend.
  • Get back into running and improve (a little).
  • Paint something on the small canvas I bought ages ago.
  • Make some cool content for Lumpur.
  • Write for the blog, get creative with new content.
  • Practice Spanish, write some short texts.
  • Learn how to use the drawing tablet I got for my birthday. I don’t like the learning curve and the struggling phase, but without I’ll never be able to use it.
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  1. Aah leuk gedaan! Ik heb mijne ook net af, haha. Heerlijk om mee bezig te zijn.

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