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All twelve months I spent in Austria are neatly documented on here, but by now we’re seven months further in time and it feels wrong to just jump into the current reality without anything about those seven months. Besides that, this current reality of working at home and corona quarantine leaves me with enough time to do so. Keep dancing, keep safe.

– september 2019 –
September started off with me and my boyfriend moving in with my parents. We came to the Netherlands together after Austria and neither of us had a job to afford an apartment, so we spent our first two months in the Netherlands in my childhood bedroom. I could finally see my loved ones again and other than that finding a job had the highest priority. Because of the job interviews – but also just for fun – we explored quite a bit of the country. We went to Amsterdam, Zwolle, Den Haag, Gouda and Utrecht, as well as some places around Groningen.

» About how job hunting is like trying to catch a cheetah 🐆

Other than that, there was a museum night, an indoor barbecue (Dutch weather already proved itself here), a high beer, a six month anniversary and a visit to the cat cafe. 

– october 2019 –
The first of October I had a job interview and on the second of October I had a job. How fast things can go sometimes! This also meant it was time for the next challenge; after job hunting it was time to hunt down an apartment.

» About how apartment hunting is like trying to catch a chubby turtle 🐢

Halfway through the month I had it sorted out: both starting my new job and getting the key to our apartment was going to happen on the first of November. This meant that there were two weeks left and what better way to spend them than a relatively spontaneous and somewhat stressful trip to Galicia?

» About the relatively spontaneous and somewhat stressful trip to Galicia

Then for the smaller joys of October: date night with pizza and Dolor y Gloria, long walks, seeing LOVE at the theater and trying yummy Spanish food.

– november 2019 –
Not only did I have my introduction day at work on the first of November, it was also the day we got the key to our new apartment! The month was a bit of a blur between trying to get used to my new job, cleaning the whole apartment properly and unpacking. At the end of the month, we spent a weekend in Amsterdam where I saw my colleagues from Austria again. Like I said, November was a bit of a blur – the only other things I remember are a visit to the Groninger Museum and to the World Press Photo Exhibition in the synagogue. 

– december 2019 –
Finally, a month where no big things happened. Just a regular, easy-going month. I celebrated Sinterklaas with my family, did a board game night, did some Christmas related things like putting a ‘minimalist christmas sweater’ sign on my regular sweater and I went to my family in Germany over the holidays.  

– january to march 2020 –
Nothing big happened between the start of 2020 and the end of March, if you compare it with all the big changes of the months before. I started doing gymnastics again, there was music at Eurosonic, there were films at IFFR, we went bowling, I signed up for a course on storytelling, the course got cancelled due to COVID-19, I turned 25 (and refused to celebrate properly), another visit to the cat cafe and I celebrated one year with my lovely boyfriend (in quarantine). 

And that brings us to now. To working from home, to seeing friends on Skype, to doing groceries at unpopular times to avoid people and to day after day in the apartment. Not sure yet if this will boost my creativity or if there’ll be nothing to write about, considering I mainly move between the couch, kitchen, bed, dining table and shower (not in that particular order). Either way, I’m lucky to be healthy, that my family is healthy, that I have a job I can do from home, that I’m an introvert, that we have a balcony with sun and that I have more time to do whatever I want (as long as it’s indoors without other people that is).

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  1. Zo zo fijn om te lezen en om al die fijne foto’s te bekijken. (:

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