February 2019
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 6 🇦🇹

– 2nd of february, saturday –
Is there a better way to spend a Saturday than cuddling with baby goats? A tiny one of only a week old slept in my arms for an hour and it was the most adorable thing.

– 4th of february, monday –
After work I decided to walk up this hill in Dornbirn instead of going straight home. The view was absolutely amazing, with everything covered in snow and the sun setting behind the mountains. I love this place, one of the best ones in/around Dornbirn for sure.

– 8th of february, friday –
At my project, we had a joint meeting with the FIG committee from Thursday until Saturday, where we discussed many topics related to the World Gymaestrada. In the evening, it was time to do something completely unrelated with work – we went snowshoeing at Bödele and afterwards we ate in a typical Austrian hut. I had a very nice evening! Seeing the dark sky with the moon and stars shining bright was super cool.

– 9th and 10th of february, saturday and sunday –
It was time for the long awaited ‘Fun weekend in the snow’, a weekend where all the volunteers went together to a house in the mountains with our coordinator. We stayed in a boarding school, so it felt like some kind of school camp. On Saturday, we went snowshoeing (two days in a row for me, what a coincidence). In the evening we cooked together, played games and had drinks. We slept in a dorm room, in a bed just under the rooftop, which was really cosy. On Sunday morning, we went horse riding, which I didn’t like at all. I felt very sorry for the poor horse. The last picture, the one on the right side, is what a tired group of volunteers looks like.

– 16th to 18th of february, saturday to monday –
It was almost time for the midterm training for all the volunteers in Austria, which was taking place in Salzburg. My roommates and I, together with some other volunteers we met in the on arrival training, decided to go to Salzburg the weekend before the training already. On Saturday evening, once everyone arrived, we went to a very nice brewery for drinks and to catch up with each other. On Sunday we walked around the old town, up the hill with the fortress, the contemporary art museum and we ended the evening in an Irish pub. I really wanted to visit Berchtesgaden in Germany, so I already decided that this was where I was going on Monday. To my surprise, most of the group wanted to join me, so we went to Königssee all together. It was super awesome, the views were great and it was a very sunny and nice day for hiking. All the sun didn’t do much good for me, because I had a terrible headache once we were back in Salzburg in a Mexican restaurant. I went back home early and was in bed at 9, trying really hard not to throw up.

– 19th to 22nd of february, saturday –
Mid term training! We met with the whole group on Tuesday afternoon and most of us knew each other already, there were only three new people in the group. We did some introductory activities, spent the evening hanging out in the conference room and then I had some nice conversations with two friends in our bedroom. The training mainly consisted of reflecting on our experience so far and thinking ahead about what to do after our year of volunteering. There was exercise where we had to talk about some things we want to change in our life with two people while walking up a hill, and I had a really good conversation. Then we had to walk down in silence and I started to cry so much. Even back at the hotel during lunch I was so down, just like a friend of mine so afterwards we went for a walk and we talked a lot. For me this was one of the best moments of the weekend, because it changed my mood so much and I loved the conversation. On Friday, we had to say goodbye to everyone, which was really sad. In the train, on the way back to Dornbirn, I read all the notes that people wrote me. This was the last exercise of the training, to put nice notes for each other in an envelope, and it was awesome reading mine. I almost cried in the train.

– 23rd of february, saturday –
I spent the day in Bludenz with two friends that weren’t in the same training, so I hadn’t seen them all week. The weather was nice, so we could have a drink outside in the sun and catch up. The rest of the weekend I took it easy, because I needed some alone time after the week in Salzburg.

– 27th of february, wednesday –
After work, I went to a bar with a friend and some of her friends, which was really nice. Completely unrelated, but look at this picture on the right. There’s Charlie, shitting in the plant.

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