Summer Trip | 7th stop
Budapest 🦔 a verrrrry exciting place

– 5th of August, 2019, monday –
After missing the Flixbus, we took a very comfortable and cheap train from Bratislava to Budapest. While I could’ve been at a job interview in the Netherlands, I was putting my luggage in a locker in Budapest, on 1290 kilometer distance from this theatre. We decided to spend the first afternoon on Margaret  Island. With our impeccable timing, we made it to the one fountain show with Hungarian children’s music. Four out of ten, just for the water effects, wouldn’t recommend the children’s show. We explored most of the island, before exploring our new hostel. We were very lucky this time: we had the room and bathroom for ourselves and there wasn’t any suspicious underwear under the bed or anywhere else. Unbelievable.

For dinner, we went to this place where I came with my friends two years ago, that was very nice and cosy. I kept talking about their amazing quesadillas and guess what? They changed the menu and took the quesadillas off. Nonetheless, I had a very nice meal, so I forgave the lovely place. Then we just spent some time at the river, enjoying the beautiful view.

– 6th of August, 2019, tuesday –
After many days with lots of walking, we decided it was time for laziness, a.k.a. a day in one of Budapest’s beautiful thermal spas. We first visited the National Gallery and then we relaxed at the Gellért Baths. Well, most of the time we relaxed. One of us (it wasn’t me), allegedly almost died in the wave pool because of a water-in-the-nose-and-mouth-incident. I personally think the phrase almost-dying was a bit of an overstatement in this scenario, but then again, it wasn’t me. 

A few hours later, we were so relaxed that we decided to do something active. We bought ingredients for a picnic and walked up the Gellért hill, where we watched the sunset. The view from there once it’s dark, is really incredible. Well, the view from there is always incredible, but even more incredible than during the day. Did I already mention that it was incredible?

– 7th of August, 2019, wednesday –
Time for a free walking tour, so we actually learned something about the city before leaving it the next day. We managed to get a tour guide with a sneezing problem. And if I say sneezing problem, I mean that he sneezed at least three times in every sentence. Luckily, he was verrrrry kind and told us a lot about the city and its history. We spent the afternoon exploring the Buda side of town.

The most eventful thing of the evening was drinking a cider called Hoggy’s that had a hedgehog as a logo. Believe it or not, but for me that was actually verrrrry exciting.

– 8th of August, 2019, thursday –
This day we decided to split up – one of us spent many hours in a museum and one of us didn’t spend many hours in a museum. I explored the Széchenyi park, wrote in my journal, took a tram to the city centre and attempted to draw the view over the Danube and Gellért hill. 

This time we made it into the Flixbus, we actually arrived at the correct place. The sunset was beautiful, so spending some time in the bus was no punishment at all. We spent the night in a friend’s place in Vienna, before departing to Dornbirn the next morning, which also meant the end of the summer trip. Ten out of ten, would highly recommend it.

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