Month no. 9 / Day Zero Project

– progress of month no. 9 –
I don’t know if it’s because I had holidays at the beginning of May and therefore more time, or if it’s simply a coincidence, but I did quite a lot of the things from my list of goals for the Day Zero Project. Here we go!

24.   Make iron on patches
Let’s start with a very cool one: I made an iron on patch! Kind of at least, because I glued it on the jean jacket with fabric glue, but it does look like an iron on patch. My first try at embroidery, making a little Lumpur for my jacket.

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Creative Time / Drawing digitally

Another first attempt, but this time at drawing digitally. I had the tablet for almost two months, but besides writing a few letters with it, I hadn’t used it. I decided to start by recreating something, to get a feeling for the pen and be able to focus on learning how to use the tablet/pen. First picture is my drawing, second picture is the original. (I found it on Pinterest, but without a working link to the original image.) If anyone has tips for learning to work with the tablet or knows good tutorials online, I’d love to know! 🥰