Rainy days | Mi vida en España #5 🇪🇸

Do you see that? Do you hear that? It’s a pretty cosy sound when you’re indoors under a blanket, sipping some tea and reading a book. I like it quite a lot for an afternoon, maybe two. But for a whole week straight? I think there was literally one morning with good weather last week. I immediately went for a walk and saw this really cool rainbow (photo is below). Other than that, it was grey and rainy, like the video above. Supposedly this is pretty normal weather here, so I’m curious how many entries there will be on the blog in the future with the same title ‘rainy days’…


I guess immigration life isn’t always that exciting. On rainy days I get excited about having Chocapic as a snack, listening to podcasts while knitting and watching the Spanish version of First Dates on the TV. (While typing this sentence, I learned that they are not Chocopigs. I imagined happy little pigs eating chocolate and I’m deeply disappointed now.)

Beside eating chocolate pigs that aren’t actually pigs, I also try to work out regularly on my yoga mat from the comfort of our home. I really like the workouts of Sydney Cummings on YouTube. She seems very nice and has many workouts that don’t require equipment. I make sure to practice the language every day: at least a hundred experience points on Duolingo and learning grammar with my book. I also watch Spanish TV, read children’s books, try to express myself in Spanish and write stories.


Recently, I started writing about Hans, a Dutch fellow who emigrated to Santiago de Compostela. Hans is a very unlucky guy. He has an overly critical mother, buys clothes in the wrong size and pigeons poop on his head. The stories are silly, but for me they’re a good way to practice the different tenses and other subjects I learn about in the book. Usually after lunch, I will read my boyfriend a story about Hans, so he can correct my mistakes and explain why they are wrong. Don’t you think I should totally become a famous Spanish writer and publish a book with short stories about Hans? I mean, they’re the highlight of my boyfriend’s day (not really), so who wouldn’t love a book about Hans?

I will leave you with a photo I took a while ago, with the same view as the rainy video, just a lot more colourful and happy. If you want more colourful and happy, here’s a more sunny blog entry. Have a lovely week!

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