Monthly update no. 15 | Day Zero Project 🪐

– day zero project progress of month no. 15 – 
Updating my list of goals before moving to Spain was a great idea, because now my goals match my life very well. This month I made a lot of progress, which also helps to motivate me to continue with the project. If you’re interested in seeing the whole list, you can find my Day Zero Project 101 goals here.

8.     Settle into my ‘new life’ in Spain
I’m starting to settle into my ‘new life’ here in Spain. I’m getting used to the times at which we eat, the times at which tv programs start (late!) and I may or may not have taken a siesta as well. I don’t think I can say I’m fully settled in until we have our own place and I speak more Spanish, but this is definitely a start.

14.   Read ten children’s books in Spanish [3/10]
I’m like a toddler, reading books together with my boyfriend. He helps me with my pronunciation and explains the words that I don’t know. So far, I read three books: una divertida merienda, dumbo and mi primer diccionario. The first book is about two girls who make a house in the forest together with some animals and have a meal there. The second book is about the famous Dumbo, the elephant with the big ears who learned to fly. The third book is like a dictionary, teaching you multiple words for each letter of the alphabet. Every word has a little poem and usually they’re funny. These books are a great way to learn new words and comprehend the structures of sentences.

11.   Reach checkpoint 3 on Duolingo with all lessons level 5/5
Now I’m here in Spain, I have a lot of time to practice with Duolingo. I reached checkpoint 3 with all the lessons complete (level 5/5). I read that when you reach checkpoint five you’re at an A2-level, which is my goal for now. Then I’d be able to start taking B1-level lessons! 

46.   Learn how to knit and knit something
The past month I spent many evenings knitting. I started to learn the basics and then I made the most cliche item: a scarf. It makes sense, as it’s the most easy thing you could possibly knit. Anyway, Lumpur is happy with his new accessory. Next on the list is a pair of socks for Lumpur, but after just watching a tutorial I can already conclude that it’s a lot more difficult than the scarf. 

53.   Learn to make a hummus from scratch
I made hummus from scratch for the first time. The only ingredient I didn’t have was tahini, but I think the result was nice anyway. I added a bit too much lemon and trying some different spices could probably also improve the recipe, but at least I learned how to do a basic hummus.

75.   Explore the area where I live in Spain [2/5]
The first two weeks that I was here, the weather was incredible. Such a great opportunity to explore the area! I went on a long walk to the piscinas naturales and I explored some of the beaches in the area. You can see more photos here.

52.   Cook one new dish per month [15/25]
On the fifth of December we celebrate Saint Nicolas in the Netherlands and this means eating pepernoten. Of course, here in Spain they don’t sell these wonderful tiny cookies, so I had to bake them myself. They got super chubby in the oven, so the shape was more like a cookie than a pepernoot. But they tasted good and that’s what matters right?

28.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [15/33]
Usually I have plenty of songs to choose from for the 3/month playlist. However, this month I barely listened to new music. Most of the time I listened to podcasts and when I listened to music, it was nothing new. There was only one song, so I added two more from my 2020 Wrapped playlist on Spotify that hadn’t made it to the 3/month list yet.

66.   Buy something second-hand/green instead [2/10]
My poor boots were so broken that my poor socks had gotten soaking wet a couple of times, so it was time to buy new ones. I didn’t buy them second-hand (I think second-hand stores are a lot less common around here), but I chose some that had a sustainability label.

37.   Create a video for the blog
23.   Learn how to work with Premiere Pro
If you’re a frequent reader of the blog, you probably already saw the video I made. It’s a little vlog capturing the nature around here. It was my first time working with Adobe Premiere Pro and I learned so much! Just by editing this one video, I think I covered many editing topics. Of course, there’s a lot left to learn, but I know the basics of editing a video.

– summary of the progress – 
Days that passed: 456/1001
Goals achieved: 34/101
Invested: €340
Goals in progress: 27/101

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  1. Love it! Fijn dat je ons op de hoogte houdt Lin! ♥️

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