Monthly update no. 14 | Day Zero Project πŸͺ

– day zero project progress of month no. 14 –
Lately I felt like I was a bit stuck with the Day Zero Project, because there aren’t so many things you can do outdoors during this pandemic. I decided to update my list of goals, because of some major life changes coming up, and now I feel more optimistic about continuing with the project! If you’re interested in seeing the whole list, you can find my Day Zero Project 101 goals here.

81.   Walk with alpacas
70.   Visit some of the Dutch provinces [7/8]
For my birthday, one and a half years ago, my friends’ gift was that we were going to walk with alpacas. I lived abroad, then a friend lived abroad, we forgot for a while, a pandemic happened… And now we finally went! It was pouring rain, but I fell in love with my alpaca friend anyway. We went to a small farm, where the very nice owner explained us many things about alpacas and then we got to walk with them. This farm was in the province Drenthe, which means I also visited another province.

4.     Optional – replace the goals that are no longer doable [2/5]
Like I mentioned before, I replaced the goals that were no longer feasible or attractive for ones that suit my current life. I’m happy I put this possibility in my list, because goals always change with time and this way I can keep the project fun for myself.

28.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [14/33]

This is nothing new, but I’ve added three new songs to my 3/month playlist. Just like the last few times, I’m still with the Spanish songs.

36.   Make different series of articles on the blog [4/5]
These Spanish songs have everything to do with the new series of articles I started here on the blog called ‘My life in Spain‘. I’m moving to Spain soon and in this series, I will write about the whole moving process, integrating and all the adventures that are about to come.

1.     Open an account to invest money for the achieved goals
Instead of just putting some money aside for each achieved goal, I decided to invest it and see if I can increase the amount by the end of the project. Now the invested amount is €290 and it has already become a bit more, but of course that always fluctuates. 

50.   Hiking [1/3]
Hiking is one of the goals I added when I updated the list and I counted my hike up Monte Pedroso in summer as the first hike. Two more to go!

33.   Listen to fun or interesting podcasts [5/15]
Another goal I added when I updated the list. In April I did a course in podcast making and that has really gotten me into listening to some. I’ve listened to a couple that tell stories (in Dutch): El Tarangu, Man en de Maan, De Brand in het Landhuis, Laura H. I liked these short documentary type of podcasts very much and I think they’re very well-made. Now I started listening to Jong Beleggen, which hopefully will teach me a lot about investing money.

– summary of the progress – 
Days that passed: 426/1001
Goals achieved: 29/101
Invested: €290
Goals in progress: 23/101

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  1. what good ideas to use this time productively. I am also often struggling to come up with ideas

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