Monthly update no. 13 | Day Zero Project ๐Ÿช

– progress of month no. 13 –
I felt so tempted to make a lot of changes in my list, because I feel like the list doesn’t do justice to my life and what’s coming up anymore. I did contain myself, because I want to think about it properly before making these changes. So for now it’s just a regular update of which goals I’ve completed or progressed on in the past month.

27.   Read books for fun [6/25]
finally finished reading another book. A Dutch one this time, De Vriendschap by Connie Palmen. I like how it’s a story in which not all that much happens, how it’s a simple but beautiful depiction of a friendship and of two individuals. I had read this book before in high school and I’m happy this thrift store find motivated me to read it again.

28.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [13/33]
Like always, I added three songs to a playlist, the ones I listened most to throughout the month. You can listen to them above as well, while reading the rest of this entry.

66.   Buy something second-hand/green instead [1/10]
I got myself a ‘new’ winter coat, because my old one was super broken. Instead of buying a new item, I got the coat second hand. This way I’m saving a lot of money and this coat that I really like won’t be thrown away!

76.   Sleep on the water
I cannot believe I forgot to add this one last month! I spent two nights on a boat, which definitely means I’ve slept on the water. You can read more about this dirty boat in Amsterdam if you’re interested. Maybe not the best ‘on the water’ experience, but it is checked off the list.

69.   Visit one of the Dutch islands
74.   Explore the area where I live [3/3]

By visiting the Dutch island Schiermonnikoog, I completed one goal and I progressed on another one. The island belongs to the province of the Netherlands in which I live, so it counts as exploring the area where I live as well. I will not say more about the trip yet, because that’s something for my next blog entry… *cliffhanger*

โ€“ summary of the progress โ€“ 
Days that passed: 395/1001
Goals achieved: 27/101
Invested: โ‚ฌ270
Goals in progress: 21/101

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