Monthly update no. 12 | Day Zero Project ๐Ÿช

– progress of month no. 12 –
This month, in day zero project terms, has been strange. I spent the first half travelling to Amsterdam and Spain, the second half in quarantine at home. I thought I would’ve checked some things off the list during my vacation, but it turned out slightly disappointing. (Not the vacation, the amount of checked off goals!) But hey, I’m twelve months into the project, the first year is over already.

30.   Visit five different museums [5/5]
Check! I’ve visited five museums already, even though we’ve only had the first year. During a long weekend in Amsterdam, I visited the Stedelijk Museum. I was mostly excited about the photography exhibition they had, but unfortunately there were too many people there in terms of covid and I wasn’t able to enjoy it all that much.

28.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [12/33]
Like every month, I share my three favourite songs of the month. Considering I spent my vacation in Spain, it seemed fitting to listen to Spanish music this month.

84.   Long walk on the beach
Another holiday activity, a long walk on the beach. I think we literally walked for three hours, including a small break for a drink, so I would say that qualifies as a long walk. We saw the sun slowly setting above the ocean and we walked back in the almost dark. I loved it.

97.   Hug an eucalyptus tree
The amazing moment was there: I hugged an eucalyptus tree. My inner koala was utterly delighted and I’m happy I can check this life goal off my list.

โ€“ summary of the progress โ€“ 
Days that passed: 367/1001
Goals achieved: 24/101
Invested: โ‚ฌ240
Goals in progress: 21/101

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