Monthly update no. 10 | Day Zero Project ๐Ÿช

– progress of month no. 10 –
Month number ten of the Day Zero Project wasn’t a very successful one – I didn’t do that many things of the list. Here’s an update anyway!

54.   Learn to make a veggie burger
I managed to make a great cauliflower burger: mashed cauliflower with egg, cheese, spices and flower in the oven for about twenty minutes. I was pleasantly surprised, because normally I don’t even like cauliflower that much.

28.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [10/33]
For some reason I didn’t listen that much music throughout June, maybe occasionally on the radio or some random playlist, but there weren’t too many songs I really liked. The above three are more or less random out of the few I listened in June. We’re not even halfway through July, but I already have more songs for this month that I enjoy.

52.   Cook one new dish per month [13/25]
Besides the cauliflower burgers I mentioned before, I also made vegan brownies. They were great: super soft on the inside and so delicious. I also made a potato salad from scratch – not saying that’s a great achievement, but it was a first. Normally I only eat the ready-made ones from the supermarket.

94.   Have a picnic in the park
Not once, but twice I had a picnic in the park in June. First I went with my boyfriend, a home made quiche, some beers and a game. It was very nice and afterwards we walked around and saw the different animals that are in the park. A few days later I went with my friends, some pizzas we ordered and we spent our evening there. So picnic, check!

โ€“ summary of the progress โ€“ 
Days that passed: 308/1001
Goals achieved: 20/101
Invested: โ‚ฌ200
Goals in progress: 22/101

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