Month no. 9 | Day Zero Project 🪐

– progress of month no. 9 –
I don’t know if it’s because I had holidays at the beginning of May and therefore more time, or if it’s simply a coincidence, but I did quite a lot of the things from my list of goals for the Day Zero Project. Here we go!

24.   Make iron on patches
Let’s start with a very cool one: I made an iron on patch! Kind of at least, because I glued it on the jean jacket with fabric glue, but it does look like an iron on patch. My first try at embroidery, making a little Lumpur for my jacket.

16.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [9/33]
Like every month, I added three songs to my playlist. You can listen to them in the player above while continuing reading, if you want 🙂

47.   Meditate every day for a week
I’ve tried meditating before, but I’ve never been able to get into it and I think it’s partly because I only tried once and would give up after. For a week, I meditated every day, using different guided meditations I found on YouTube. This was great, because it gives me something to focus on and makes it more easy to not get lost in thoughts.

19.   Watch five interesting TED-talks [1/5]
I watched a TED-talk on increasing your self-awareness with one simple fix. I don’t remember exactly what I was looking for, but I got to this talk – which was unrelated to the mysterious thing I was looking for – and listened to it. I find topics related to psychology and human behaviour in general very interesting and I’ll listen to more of these talks.

23.   Make drawings or paintings [4/10]
Painting number four! I already shared it in a separate post, where I also show you the original on which the painting is based. I was quite proud at my first attempt with acrylics.

29.   Share parts of my journal on the blog [7/15]
Yet another post on a journal entry, this time my setup for the month of June. I started putting my journal entries in a separate Instagram account, because I’ve always loved looking at the posts of others, but at the same time I don’t want to spam my friends with this. You can find these journal entries on @lindajournals.

58.   Cook one new dish per month [9/25]
I made three new dishes last month: a bell pepper soup, a traybake with veggies and ricotta and an oven dish with tortellini, pesto and tomato.

71.   Explore the area where I live [1/5]
78.   Go for a long walk in the forest in spring and autumn [1/2]
I’ll take these two together, because I went for a long walk in the forest around the area where I live. My boyfriend and I took the bikes and cycled to the forest, where we walked for a while, and then we continued to a nearby lake.

12.   Read one book per month [5/25]
I finished reading Topics of Conversation by Miranda Popkey – at first I had to get used to her style of writing a lot, but after one and a half chapter I liked it more. Some chapters were nice, others I liked less, depending on the topic of conversation of that particular chapter.

33.   Write a (short) story
I’ll be short about this: I practiced writing stories and I wrote two short ones, but I won’t share them.

– summary of the progress – 
Days that passed: 269/1001
Goals achieved: 21/101
Money in the piggy bank: €52,50
Goals in progress: 24/101

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