Horoscope versus reality ep. 4 ♓

Horoscope versus reality, a little mix of astrology and journaling; let’s see if what the stars say aligns with my reality. Here’s ep. 4, holiday edition, May 1-10. Source: I used the horoscope of  the AstroTwins on www.astrostyle.com for this article.

Apparently, the first three weeks of May will spark up my social side and fill me with creative ideas. If I compare it to April, this is definitely true, and probably because of having holidays, as well as just being a little tired of social distancing. As my horoscope said, I should find ways to infuse variety into my days, by, for example, writing, socially distanced walks, podcasts and learning new hobbies and skills. Spot on horoscope, that’s exactly how my holidays went.

On Friday, the first day of my holidays, I started moving at a slower pace, just as my horoscope said. I spent the weekend reading – I even finished my book – doing yoga and painting. I also finally saw my friends again on a 1.5 meter distance walk, which was nice after such a long time without them. Of course there was also a healthy portion of couch-potatoing included, as you can see below.

On Monday my popularity was supposed to spike, something that I didn’t notice at all. From Tuesday until January 18, 2022 (!) I will prefer a quieter time over parties, and I’ll slow down to focus on one project at a time. Now, let’s be honest, that’s not going to be a change at all – I am already a couch potato as it is. On Wednesday, people could be tricky with words for a poor Pisces. If that is referring to the pub quiz I did with my boyfriend in the evening, that’s definitely true – the words were so tricky that we ended very much at the bottom of the ranking.

Thursday was more eventful – a walk in the city center, celebrating a birthday (without any birthday hugs or kisses because 1.5 meters). This day, according to my horoscope, could be good for my career. I really hope that is the case, without going more into that for now. I spent the weekend by drawing digitally for the first time, trying out new recipes, running and reading. I also took an online class in podcast making, which was cool, but my slow computer and/or bad connection made me mainly a passive participant. I did, however, inspire me to listen to De Blankenberge Tapes podcast. I’m not a podcast listener at all, but I enjoyed it a lot. There’s something about words without visuals that makes it more interesting.

Today, Sunday May 10th, is the start of me needing more space to be alone with my thoughts, which will last for almost two months. I should try to go into nature and focus on the present instead of the past. I should identify bad habits that I need to break. Now aren’t those good intentions for a new week? 

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  1. Do you read your horoscope at the beginning or the end of your week? I always wonder if we by reading our horoscope make things happen or not? Because we do notice things easier when we are already thinking about it.
    Oh and I loved listening to ‘De Blankenberge Tapes’ too! Maybe you’d like ‘De Kasteelmoord’ and ‘De Verdwijning van Britta Cloetens’ too? A good English one is ‘Dirty John’. I am a podcast addict, so I have a lot of recommendations 😉

    • In this case I read them on Sunday, so this made comparing cooler, as I wasn’t ‘influenced’ by the horoscope in any way. I usually do this, only sometimes I read it during the week already. Thanks for the podcast recommendations!

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