Monthly update no. 8 | Day Zero Project πŸͺ

– progress of month no. 8 –
Another month mainly spent indoors. Even though many of the things from the list aren’t possible at the moment, there are still plenty – mainly the creative ones – that are totally possible. Here’s the update of month number eight!

27.   Read books for fun [4/25]
Unbelievable, but this month I finished reading two books. After a year into the 1Q84 trilogy by Haruki Murakami, I finally finished reading the third part this morning. The book was too heavy to carry somewhere, so every time I took a book in my backpack, I took a break from the trilogy. I love books by Murakami, so it’s probably no surprise that I’m enthusiastic about the trilogy. The story is fascinating and surreal and I admire the creativity it takes to write a story like that. Then, on a sunny afternoon on the balcony, I finished Hippie by Paulo Coelho. Also a very interesting read, although it didn’t end the way I was hoping for.

28.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [8/33]
Like every month, I added three songs to my playlist, my memory box filled with music. You can listen to the songs below, while reading the rest of this update.

43.   Share parts of my journal on the blog [6/15]
It has almost become a habit to share my monthly journal setups on here. Unless I’ll completely screw up and end up hating a month’s look, I will keep doing that ;). Here’s May’s monthly setup.

58.   Do the 30-day yoga challenge
You have no idea how many times I’ve started the 30-day yoga challenge and didn’t finish it. I made it into a habit to do some yoga after work, as I’m not cycling there anymore and I don’t move as much. I think I had two days of break – one time I didn’t remember until ten in the evening and the other time I didn’t feel well – and I replaced the day with yoga for the office, as I didn’t want to do stretching on a chair. I already found another four week yoga challenge, to keep practicing! You can find the 30-day yoga challenge I did here.

59.   Be able to do the splits + 60.   Run 5k in 27 minutes
Let’s stay with sports, it only naturally follows. I miss going to gymnastics, so I’m making a bit of extra effort to work out by myself. I started practicing my splits again – I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to do it, as I’m not that flexible, but I’m trying. I also started running again (read: I went twice so far). Neither the pace nor the distance is close to my goal, but I know it takes time. When I ran more frequently, my fastest was a little under 28 minutes, so I’m aiming to improve that.

100. Make a hotel sort of breakfast for myself
I made a super nice hotel-worthy breakfast on Easter (well, the Saturday before) for my boyfriend and me. Yummy.

39.   Make drawings or paintings [3/10]
I did a little watercolour painting, as you can see above. Then I decided to start painting with acrylics again (stealing some from my boyfriend) and I’m liking it a lot. I’m just recreating an imagine to practice, which I think is a good way to start. I guess, you’ll see that one in next month’s update.

32.   Invent some sort of game
Remember how in last month’s update I said I started making a puzzle? I finished making it and I think it turned out pretty cool. It’s a birthday present of a birthday that’s still to come, so I can’t share it yet.

55.   Have an indoor herb or vegetable garden
We got three tiny paprika plants of the neighbours and I’ve taken care of them for about a month. They grew a lot and look good – yes, I’m also positively surprised. I know it’s not exactly an indoor herb or vegetable garden yet, but it’s a start.

36.   Make different series of articles on the blog [2/5]
I started a second series of articles: Horoscope versus reality, a little mix of astrology and journaling to see if what the stars say aligns with my reality. I like writing those – it’s a good mix of sarcasm and seriousness.

– summary of the progress – 
Days that passed: 237/1001
Goals achieved: 16/101
Invested: €160
Goals in progress: 19/10

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