Horoscope versus reality ep. 3 ♓

Horoscope versus reality, a little mix of astrology and journaling; let’s see if what the stars say aligns with my reality. Here’s ep. 3, April 20-30. (Source: I used the horoscope of  the AstroTwins on www.astrostyle.com for this article.)

The last episode ended with a huge cliffhanger: my cooperative, communicative third house got activated for the next month, which means that I have to get creative about connecting with people. To be fair, the first ten days of this month I haven’t noticed much. I know, I know, it’s a bit of an anticlimax. So now we’ve cleared that up, let’s get started.

The week, supposedly, was off to a rough start. Some financial issues on Monday, not being on the same page with people on Thursday… The real low was in the stars for Tuesday, and I quote here, “a dour day when the glass looks half-empty (if not completely drained)” with a real risk of slipping down a pessimistic rabbit hole. 

Let’s just say I’m a bit of a slow person, so instead of Tuesday this low hit me on Friday. No idea what happened – nothing really happened – but I felt super down all of Friday evening and Saturday morning, definitely a dour day with a completely drained glass. At least I took the horoscope’s advice: I paused and sat with my emotions. 

I caught up to the horoscope’s speed later that weekend. It was time for a digital detox and using my creative gifts to make something by hand. I made a drawing on canvas and started to paint with acrylics. I hadn’t done that since high school, where I remember not liking acrylics all that much. No idea why, because I really liked starting this painting.

On Monday, April 27, it was King’s Day here in the Netherlands. Of course, this year that was quite different and all I saw were some Dutch flags as I went running in the morning. My parents came over in the evening for dinner and we played a game together. 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were my last three working days before the start of ten beautiful days of vacation. There was lots about compromising, yielding for the sake of a group effort and looking at things more mindfully by slowing down in my horoscope; none of that happened in my work week and I felt very productive. There were quite some things to check off the list before my vacation, so there was no time for slowing down. I managed the most important ones and could start the holidays feeling good about that.

I shared my excitement on Instagram, in the posts you saw above. In the quiz, some people actually fell for the silly potato hint, but of course the answer to How excited am I for holidays? is Lots lots lots. I mean, how could I be potato excited for holidays? 🤔🥔

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