Horoscope versus reality ep. 2 โ™“

Horoscope versus reality, a little mix of astrology and journaling; let’s see if what the stars say aligns with my reality. Here’s ep. 2, April 13-19. Source: I used the horoscope of  the AstroTwins on www.astrostyle.com for this article.

Apparently, strategic alliances and powerful partnerships are coming my way and if I align with the right people it’ll be a total win-win. Now this could be referring to one out of two things – a new project I’m doing at my work or something a little more secretive for now. So which one to align with? A kindred spirit is making its way into my orbit, so at least I have good luck starting on April 22. On top of that, I’m in a charismatic form, according to my horoscope that is, so I don’t see what could possibly go wrong.

Anyway, how about a lovely song that I couldn’t stop listening to all week?

Tuesday was about equal parts honesty and compassion; confronting differences doesn’t mean it’s over, instead it can take things to a deeper level. Now that is one freaky horoscope, because it perfectly described my day. I mean, I didn’t read the horoscope until Friday, but luckily I handled the equal parts honesty and compassion quite well. Also, I should’ve yelled at a lazy person at work, but I totally missed out on that. If only I had read the horoscope on Tuesday morning…

Wednesday was calling for spontaneity and adventure, being led by my whims for an hour to find that excitement. My whims led my to an hour-long nap on the sofa and I didn’t even get any new insights from that. Unbelievable.

The stars predicted that stress management would be necessary on Thursday and that I had to take extra care of myself, but I had a very productive day. I managed to tick off all the urgent things on my to do list without any stress, even faster than expected.

Below you see what my week looked like in reality and my horoscope didn’t foresee any yoga or Mad Men…

The weekend was the moment to show the world I’m not a timid goldfish and express points of view that might stir up some friction. I was the best timid goldfish version of myself while picking up a few things in the city center, just to keep the 1.5 meters distance with people. Maybe being a great white shark would’ve been better for this, but my horoscope advised against that too, so I got confused. Also while hanging out in my parents garden, I did not express controversial points of view and the atmosphere remained peaceful. On Sunday my cooperative, communicative third house got activated for the next month, so I’ll have to get creative about connecting to people. I’ll update you on how that’s going in the next episode of horoscope versus reality.

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