Horoscope versus reality ep. 1 ♓

I have this weird attraction to horoscopes, where I like to read what it says and maybe even take something from there, yet I have a hard time believing in them. This inspired me to start horoscope versus reality, a little mix of astrology and journaling; let’s see if what the stars say aligns with my reality. Here’s ep. 1, April 1-12.

Source: I used the horoscope of  the AstroTwins on www.astrostyle.com for this article.

(Turn on the sound if you can)

How to start the month? By simplifying, slowing down and taking care of myself. Apparently, the compassionate Pisces soul finds it hard to enjoy things when there’s suffering in the world, even when it’s healthy. With the nice weather that April brought so far, it has been quite easy to take a book, enjoy the sunshine and forget about the world. For me it is hard to accept that it is okay to do nothing productive sometimes, that it is fine to just do something for the simple fact that I enjoy it. With the change of pace that life has now, I got a lot better at this. To keep moving and take care of my body, I started doing daily yoga at home.

The month starts with a heated up my zone of work, money and daily routines. In times of a crisis, figuring out a plan is not easy, but this Pisces tries to be as productive as possible. I work from home and it took me some time to balance my work a private life, to figure out how to handle this properly. I feel like I got more productive in the last two weeks and I get more done. Besides, there are many positive things too: having more time in the morning, randomly hugging my boyfriend during the working day and having the quiet of a home office.

The weekend should start with the truth on April 4th, a time to step up for myself and shift some toxic group dynamics, maybe start to bring in some new players instead. What I did? I minded my own business on the balcony while enjoying the sun. My book and I didn’t happen to have any conflicts that day, so yay for us.

More bad Pisces news for the following week: fixating too much on my problems, feeling stuck in a rut, hitting a road block… All of this can be blamed on the full moon, bringing up extreme emotions. I cannot deny this, as in the beginning of the week I felt a bit down about having to work from home for an unknown period, not sure when normal life could start again. It lasted shorter than my horoscope suggested, because after Tuesday I felt good and productive. Wednesday promised a major breakthrough. Did that refer to the online pub quiz my boyfriend and I did? I doubt ending in third place can be called a  major breakthrough, but who knows. Other than that, it would have been a good moment to get engaged or hear pregnancy news, but I guess all that came from the full moon was that third place in the pub quiz 😉

I should’ve spent the Easter weekend worrying about my finances and coming up with creative ways to save money. Instead I couldn’t wait until it was Easter to have the Easter brunch, so I did it a day early, and I ate (too) many croissants. The only creative things I did, was giving my blog a make-over and working on @koalalumpurstudio. What do you think? I think both turned out pretty cool.

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  1. I never really thought about comparing my horoscope to what actually happens in my life, such a fun idea. I always take horoscope predictions with a grain of salt. I am into tarot too and when reading the cards I always think it’s important to not take things to literal. So I guess that counts toward a horoscope too 🙂

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