Monthly update no. 5 | Day Zero Project ๐Ÿช

– progress of month no. 5 – 
Five months into the project already and I start to notice that maybe not all the goals are feasible, so I might need to review and edit the list somewhat, which luckily I included as one of the points on the list. Life evolves and so do goals and interests, which is only a good thing. I’m not sure if I’ll already revise the list in the next month or if I’ll wait a bit, until I’m closer to a third of the project, considering I can only do this three times. Anyway, let’s get into month number five.

16.   Make this place a home
Edit October 2020: moving out of there now, so the goal is open again

I really feel like this apartment is home, even though we didn’t change anything in the last month. It must be the party flags and lights in the living room ๐Ÿ˜‰

28.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [5/33]

โ™ช Imagine Dragons Medley โ€“ Redefined
โ™ช Numb โ€“ Declan J Donovan
โ™ช Spaces โ€“ Ace Marino

43.   Share parts of my journal on the blog [3/15]
I shared my Bullet Journal Setup for February 2020 here on my blog. Lots of bananas and motivation to journal more again. Let’s see how that goes, I’ll keep you updated, hopefully with a setup of March!

10.   Reach level one in Spanish on Duolingo
Yes, I reached level 1 for all the skills in Duolingo! I will admit that I tested out of a lot of skills, so I quickly jumped up some levels, but now I’m practicing more consistently, trying to get all the skills up to a higher level. I’m on a 42 days streak (if I’m not mistaking), so I’m doing well practicing.

83.   Take part in a pub quiz
Yes, so this happened almost accidentally. For my work, I went to an event in the evening that had a short pub quiz in the end. The theme was artificial intelligence, which I’m no expert in at all, but somehow I ended up winning the quiz. I was beyond surprised with my skills here.

31.   Listen to live music somewhere [1/3]
In January, the music festival Eurosonic was taking place in Groningen and together with my boyfriend I went to see the band Renton Jules, from Belgium. They were playing in a brewery and it was very nice; both the music as well as visiting the brewery and having a beer.

52.   Cook one new dish per month [5/25]
First off, I baked cookies with speculaas and cacao that were very nice and one of them looked like the beautiful koala you saw all the way at the top of this post. I also made a quiche with broccoli, leek, peanuts and brie. I made something similar before, but this time the ingredients were a little different and it was the nicest quiche I’ve ever made. Proud.

21.   Learn how to work with Illustrator
For my work, I need to make promotional materials, so I already learned to work with Photoshop for this. Now I had to create a roll-up banner and I learned to work with Illustrator, at a least a basic level of it. I made my own icons and designed the banner. I already ordered it and it arrived, looking very fine. Again, proud.

– summary of the progress –
Days that passed: 151/1001
Goals achieved: 12/101
Invested: โ‚ฌ120
Goals in progress: 15/101

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