Bullet Journal Setup | January 2020 🎨

The theme of February: 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌. There’s no deep reasoning behind it, I just liked the aesthetic of the yellow bananas combined with the pink background. As simple as that.

In January I really failed to make an effort for the journal, which is why I also didn’t post any setup of the month. I wasn’t happy with the result of the setup and also during the month, I didn’t really do much with the journal except for writing a few times. And it didn’t look good.

– goals for february

     🍌 Read once a week
     🍌 Rethink + plan 2020 goals
     🍌 One blog post per week
     🍌 Duolingo every day
     🍌 More journalling

At the beginning of the year, I wrote down some goals for 2020, but I’m starting to have the feeling that they’re too many things that are too different and require too much time. Time I simply don’t have, because, you know, days only have 24 hours and there’s this thing called work. This is why I want to critically look at those goals again, prioritize (which I’ve been doing unconsciously already anyway) and plan more clearly how to work on these goals. Two things that I’ve not been doing so much, are reading and journalling, so I want to change that in February. Starting slowly with the reading, at least once a week should be totally doable. In January I managed to do Duolingo every day and I want to keep that habit in February; the same goes for the habit of writing one blog post per week.

– international film festival rotterdam
Every year, the International Film Festival Rotterdam also shows the film in Groningen (#iffrig). My boyfriend and I had some trouble deciding on one film, so we decided to go to both the ones we wanted to see. Yesterday, we already saw Fire Will Come, a Galician film about a pyromaniac who returns to his hometown, where he has to reintegrate after a time in prison. The scenery in the film was beautiful, but it was a bit too, either slow or long, and the end was somewhat abrupt. Today it’s time for the second film: Little Joe.  

– 2020 page
I didn’t share my setup for January, so I also didn’t share the setup for 2020. Since I want to reconsider the goals, I won’t share that page for now, but here’s the page to mark that a new year has started. I already started the actual journal in December, because my old one was full (which I found kind of annoying, because a new journal for every year is much more satisfying, but okay, what can you do). Anyway, above you see that page.

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