May 2019
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 9

– 1st of may, wednesday –
The first of May is a holiday in Austria, which meant a day off work for me. I needed a calm day, to disconnect and to think. I took the train to Hohenems, where I went hiking to the ruins of an 11th century castle. I turned off my mobile phone and just walked around outside, taking breaks writing in my journal. In the evening, I went to a concert of Eagle-Eye Cherry with two friends, which was really nice. Read more »

Rethinking 2020 🍀

– rethinking is good –
Of course, making a list of goals at the beginning of the year is good, but in my ever-changing reality reconsidering them sometimes is even better. Even if that means heartlessly ripping out a page of my journal and redoing it. And that’s exactly what I’m doing here: rethinking 2020 and the goals I have for the first year of this new decade.

My life is split up into three categories, if it’s even possible to split up a life in three categories.

    • There’s work, the place where I spend four days a week.
    • There’s free time, consisting of the other three days in the week and my evenings.
    • And there’s the people that are in my life, throughout all the seven days.

The work should be fulfilling, the free time should be spend wisely and the people should add something positive to my life. Read more »

April 2019
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 8

– 4th and 5th of april, thursday and friday –
We were working at a spring fair with my project and I did not like it at all. There were way too many people and we weren’t organised so well, so we had to do a million last-minute things and that was exhausting. On Thursday we also went to a gala event with work, which was cool to see, but at the same time totally not my crowd. I was super exhausted after these two days. Read more »

Month no. 5
Day Zero Project

– progress of month no. 5 – 
Five months into the project already and I start to notice that maybe not all the goals are feasible, so I might need to review and edit the list somewhat, which luckily I included as one of the points on the list. Life evolves and so do goals and interests, which is only a good thing. I’m not sure if I’ll already revise the list in the next month or if I’ll wait a bit, until I’m closer to a third of the project, considering I can only do this three times. Anyway, let’s get into month number five.

9.     Make this place a home [01.2020]
I really feel like this apartment is home, even though we didn’t change anything in the last month. It must be the party flags and lights in the living room 😉 Read more »