January 2019
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 5 ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น

– 2nd of january, wednesday –
What a disastrous day. It was the day where I was flying back to Austria after having spent the holidays in the Netherlands with my family and friends. (A flight that previously had been cancelled and that I had to re-book once already, but that’s a whole other story.) So I’m in the airplane, surprised it even flew at all, considering most flights to Innsbruck had been cancelled for that day. The pilot announces landing, but somehow we don’t seem to land. Instead we go back up and fly for quite a while. Then the pilot makes another announcement: we’re landing in Munich. Wait, Munich?! Because of the snow he says. Then we sit in the airplane for a while, nothing is being said. We might try to fly back later, maybe not. After two hours, Ryan Air is incredibly kind to us: they offer us free water, you know, for waiting two hours. The ridiculousness of this made me laugh. After two hours of waiting we fly back to Innsbruck and guess what? Again we cannot land because of the snow and again we fly back to Munich. Checking my phone, I realise that the last train from Munich to Dornbirn departs exactly when we land. My only other option is to take the bus to Innsbruck that Ryan Air offers, already knowing I’ll be stuck for the night in the airport. Apparently the airport of Innsbruck closes in the night and there’s no way I can stay there until the morning, so all I can do is take a taxi to the centre. I take the taxi together with a stranger, around my age, and the taxi driver feels very sorry for me after hearing the story, so he basically forces the guy to host me for the night. I go with him to his apartment, where it’s freezing cold and he offers me to stay in his kitchen, on a shitty camping chair, until the first train in the morning leaves. I sit there for hours, watching a film on my phone while he is snoring in his huge bed (I would’ve fitted in there!). I leave in the middle of the night, taking the train at four something. With my luck, the train is completely packed and I have to stand for two hours. And I can tell you, after still not having slept and being exhausted, that’s not what I wanted at all. In the end I arrive home at 7:30 in the morning, exactly twelve hours later than planned, and I crash in bed. Great start of the year.

– 4th of january, friday –
Time to party. My roommates drank a whole bottle of vodka, while I was basically sober, so I was happy return home with one of them at 2:30. I think this is when I turned into a couch potato. 

– 5th of january, saturday –
When I returned to Dornbirn after Christmas, there was so much snow, it was absolutely incredible. This meant time to build a snowman!

– 11th of january, friday –
I was still working four days per week, to compensate for all the over hours I made, so Friday was my day off. It had been nice back at work; I liked seeing my colleagues again and there were lots of things to do! I decided to use my free day to go hiking in Bludenz, which was very beautiful with all the snow. 

– 13th of january, sunday –
I didn’t have such a nice weekend. I felt very down and lost and lonely. I started to worry about the future, about life after ESC and I also realised I hadn’t had the best habits for the first two weeks of the year. After crying in bed all evening, I made a list of the bad habits and I also wrote down what I had to change to feel better.

– 18th of january, friday –
I felt much better throughout the whole week and again Friday was my hiking day. This time I went to Schruns to admire yet another place covered in snow. Awesome!

– 19th and 20th of january, saturday and sunday –
In the fifth month of ESC we finally had the first birthday in the group! On Saturday we celebrated with all volunteers by eating cake and playing games, and afterwards going to a bar/club. I had a really lovely evening! On Sunday it was time for a whole new experience: fasching in Austria, which is basically carnival. We watched all the trucks with decorations and music and it was fun. Also very cold, even with my warm boots I couldn’t feel my toes anymore.

– 25th of january, friday –
Baby goats. Baby goats. Baby goats. I love baby goats. I hugged them all afternoon and it was wonderful. In the evening we went to a weird shisha bar that I didn’t like too much, but at least I had nice conversations with a friend.

– 27th of january, sunday –
In the morning I went hiking again, close to home this time. In the afternoon I met with another volunteer and we went to the Vorarlberg Museum together. With our Kulturpass we could visit the museums for free, so it was very nice to learn a bit more about the area.

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